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In the Name of God بسم الله

Struggling To Pronounce Some Letters

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InshAllah everyone's fasts are progressing well. I have been struggling with certain letters and was hoping that you good people on ShiaChat could provide a helping hand. 


ha         ح      A sound not found in English, but like the Hebrew ח as in חלב, vaguely like h as in have ha       هـ /ه     h as in have

dhal     ذ       th as in this

 dha      ظ       A sound not found in English. Pronounced like th as in this but with phonological quality similar to ص

 za      ز         z as in zebra


Most of my confusion is between  ذ  and ظ. 

ح and هـ :wacko: 

Thanks for your help!

Source is 



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