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Salam alaikum

What is the fasting called when it is in Muharram? Like in Urdu there are two different words roza for fasting in Ramzan and Faqa in Muharram.But does language English has different terms to denote the two?

What are these two different types of fasting called in Arabic and Persian?

Is it alright to keep a roza on 21 st of Ramzan since keeping a roza on 10 thof Muharram is cosidered haram ,on 10 th of Moharram because it is a sad day.So what about 21 st of Ramzan ? That day is sad too ? What should the people do?

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The reason the Shia do not keep fast on 10th Muharram is because it is considered haram or Makruh (depending on which scholar you follow). It is not because it is a sad day that we do not fast on the 10th of Muharram but it is said that the supporters of Yazid fasted that day for their success and therefore we do not wish to liken ourselves to them. The same rule of not fasting applies to Arafa and Eid al Azha which is obviously a happy day thus it is not limited to only sad days. Therefore there would be no reason to stop anyone fasting on the 21st of Ramadan which is wajib for all able people to do. 


Wa Salam 

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20 minutes ago, Anonymus said:

*Sayyeda* The supporters of Yazids might have also been the ones who offered namaz.. i suggest you should leave namaz too coz you do not wish to liken yourself to them

Talking from the point of Karbala, we adhere to namaz not because of yazid and his followers but because Imam Hussain (a.s) did not let even one namaz go qadha even on the day of Ashura. He was slaughtered by shimr (LA) in a state of sajda.

Just reminding you, five time salat daily is wajib. 

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