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In the Name of God بسم الله

Durood In Sunni Prayers

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I ask Sunni brothers:


1-                  Can your prayers be complete without Durood? IF yes then come up with full evidence۔                        And if not, tell us since the blessings are just sent upon Muhammad saww and his progeny and not upon his companions or wives in prayers,  When the prayers in this manner can be complete without sending blessings to companions or wives, why does Sunnis add the names of these groups to Durood on occasions other than prayers?



2-                  Mention a saheeh and authentic text hadith of the holy prophet saww with complete source wherein it is reported that it is obligatory to send Durood upon all the companions or wives of the holy prophet saww. And also tell if it is obligatory then how can your prayers be in order without them?

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