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In the Name of God بسم الله

Short Story About Death

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(bismillah)  (salam)


It has been narrated that there was a man among the Children of Israel who was a scholar, an adorer of his Lord,

a man of knowledge who reached the degree of ijtihad (ability to extract law), and he had a wife of whom he was very fond.

She died, so he grieved for her immensely, so much so that he took to seclusion at his house without leaving it,

closing his door to the public and staying away from them; nobody could enter.

A woman from among the Children of Israel heard about what had happened to him, so she came and said that she needed

to hear his judgment about a matter wherein direct communication is required. People went away as she remained at the door.

He was told about her, so he permitted her to enter. She said, "Shall I ask you to issue a verdict about an issue?"

He said, "What is it?" She said, "I borrowed some pieces of jewelry from one of my neighbors and kept wearing them for quite

some time, then the owners sent me a message asking for them back. Should I give them back?" He said, "Yes." She said,

"But the jewelry has been with me for such a long period of time."
He said, "This is another reason why you should return it." It is then that she said to him, "May Allah have mercy on you!

Do you feel sorrowful about what Allah, the most Exalted One, the most Great, had lent you then took it away from you,

while He has more right to it than yourself?!" It was then that he saw the wisdom in what she said, and Allah made him benefit by it.




Abu al-Dardaa' is quoted as having said that Prophet Sulayman (Solomon) son of Dawud (David), peace be with them both,

had a son whom he used to love very much and who died, so he grieved immensely for him. Allah Almighty sent him two angels

in human form. He asked them, "Who are you?" "Two opponents."
He said, "Sit as opponents sit." One of them said, "I planted something, then this person came and ruined it."

Sulayman (ع) asked the other man, "What is this man talking about?" He said, "May Allah reform you; he planted it in the road;

I passed by it and looked right and left and saw nothing but plants. I took the side of the road and this was the reason it was ruined."


Sulayman (ع) asked the other man, "What made you plant something in people's way? Did you not know that the way is a passage

for people and people have to pass?" One of those two angels said to him, "Did you, O Sulayman, not know that death is people's

passage and they have to go on their way?" It was as though the veil was removed for Sulayman (ع); therefore, he no longer grieved for his son.

This has been narrated by Ibn Abu al-Dunya.

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