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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله
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Quotes From Al-Kafi About Imams.

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Can any of you please explain theese.

• 1. “All the Imams are infallible just like the prophets. The Shia derive their religion from their immaculate Imams.” (Al-Kafi, p. 22)

• 2. “By listening to the voice of a person, the Imams can tell if the person was destined to go to hell or to heaven; they would thus answer his questions accordingly.” (Usool Al-Kafi, p. 185)

• 3. “The Imams possess all the knowledge granted to the angels, Prophets and Messengers.” (Al-Kulaini, Al-Kafi, p.255)

• 4. “The Imams know when they will die, and they do not die except by their own choice.” (Al-Kafi, p. 258.)

• 5. “The Imams have knowledge of whatever occurred in the past and whatever will happen in the future, and nothing is concealed from them.” (Al-Kafi, p. 260.)

• 6. “The Imams have knowledge of all the revealed books, regardless of the languages in which they were revealed” (Al-Kafi, p. 227.)

• 7. “No one compiled the Qur’an completely except the Imams, and they encompass all of its knowledge.” (Al-Kafi, p. 228)

• 8. “Signs of the Prophets are possessed by the Imams.” (Al-Kafi, p. 231.)

• 9. “When the Imams’ time comes, they will rule in accordance with the ruling of the prophet David and his dynasty. These Imams will not need to ask for presentation of evidence before passing their judgments.” (Al-Kafi, p. 397.)

• 10. “There is not a single truth possessed by a people save that which originated with the Imams, and everything which did not proceed from them is false.” (Al-Kafi, p.277.)

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Indeed our Imams (A) have such extraordinary qualities and even more than this which we cannot describe. Whatever Miracle that Allah gave to His Prophets, He gave the similar and even more to His Proofs, the Imams of Ahle Bayt (A). To know the Imams better read "Ziyarat Jami'a Kabeera" which is the word of Ma'sum describing the Imams of Ahle Bayt (A).

Allah guides whoever He wishes through Imams (A) and puts the Ma'rifat of His Proofs (A) in the hearts of those He wishes and then He says in Surah ar-Rahman Verse 60: "Is the reward for good [anything] but good?" Imam al-Sadeq (A) explains: Whoever Allah wishes will put our love and ma'rifat in their hearts; This is Ihsan. and Reward of Ihsan is nothing but Ihsan (Paradise).

So pray that Allah Guide you through the Imams (A) and put their love and Ma'rifat in your hearts, and pray that Allah increase the Hatred and Disgust of their enemies of your hearts.

May Allah hasten the reappearance of our Imam (A).

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