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In the Name of God بسم الله

Qardawi's Ex Wife: My Ex Works For Mossad!

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Asma Ben Kada Algerian MP and ex-wife of Sheikh Youssef Qaradawi, said that her former husband was a Mossad agent.

Asma Ben Kada affirmed that the Cheikh Qaradawi, currently President of the Union Internationale des Savants Muslims, conducted a visit to Tel Aviv early 2010. She added that his ex spouses maintains secret relations with the service of Zionist information and he speaks fluently Hebrew.

This is why, Hamad ben Khalifa Al Thani holds much to his Shaykh, has clarified Asma Ben Kada. She added that indeed, the Emir of Qatar takes advantage the post of Cheikh Qaradawi within the Islamic League Mondiale, order to execute the US-Zionist project designed behind the scenes of Knesset.

The same source stressed that Cheikh Qaradawi has received a certificate of appreciation the U.S. Congress, within which Jews represent the majority, and this for having succeeded in implement the American-Zionist project, in the Arab world.


Asma Ben Kada députée algérienne et ex femme du Cheikh Youssef Qaradawi, a déclaré que son ex époux était un agent du Mossad.

qaradaoui.jpg?w=470&h=235Asma Ben Kada a affirmé que le Cheikh Qaradawi, actuellement président de l’Union Internationale des Savants Musulmans, a effectué une visite à Tel Aviv début 2010. Elle a ajouté que son ex époux entretient des relations secrètes avec le service des renseignements sioniste et qu’il parle couramment l’hébreu.

C’est pourquoi, Hamad ben Khalifa Al Thani tient beaucoup à son Cheikh, a précisé Asma Ben Kada. Elle a ajouté qu’en effet, l’émir du Qatar tire profit du poste du Cheikh Qaradawi au sein de la Ligue Islamique Mondiale, afin d’exécuter le projet américano-sioniste conçu dans les coulisses du Knesset.

La même source a souligné que Cheikh Qaradawi a reçu un certificat d’appréciation du Congrès américain, au sein duquel les juifs représentent la majorité, et ce pour avoir réussi à mettre en œuvre le projet américano-sioniste, dans le monde Arabe.

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Everyone who isn't siding with Iran and Hizb works for the Mossad.

Check out a post of this forum. Apparently the Taliban work for the CIA/Mossad, the whole afghan war is not true....just a way to get resources from afghani mountains!

stop blabbering......and they are all tied into the the CIA and Mossad (however most of their foot soldiers are unaware), do a bit of research...even a retard can find this information

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The way US and Israel have been using Wahabiya militants and their shady organizations to their gross advantage in the middle east and all around Israel since some years is even a more crystal clear proof for anyone with a working brain cell left.

What could be more rabid, insane and illogical than the fact that Israel is right beside Syria. It is a great criminal and a special enemy of muslims since ever. The slayer of prophets, slayer of innocents, the firestarter, slayer of palestinians, oppressor, usurper, an illegal state, the quran warned against it and speaks against it, but no. That is so conveniently bypassed and ignored and calls for 'jihad' are given to destroy yet another fine muslim country that is economically among the best in the muslim world, where poor people live happily. Oh but fulan is a dictator so we must.

Even chimpanzees in place of Wahabiya would be able to make a proper judgment of all this.

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Everyone who isn't siding with Iran and Hizb works for the Mossad.

Check out a post of this forum. Apparently the Taliban work for the CIA/Mossad, the whole afghan war is not true....just a way to get resources from afghani mountains!

Why do you support Taliban/Hizbe Islami (two main factions fighting) in Afghanistan? Do you even know what they have to say about Takfiri FSA fighters in Syria? Your favorite topic?

On Shahadat website (Hizb-e Islami's official website) on suicide attack in Damascus a few days ago:

"این دو انفجار در فاصله چهار دقیقه در منطقه المرجه دمشق به دست دو تروریست انتحاری روی داده است. میدان المرجه دمشق چند اداره دولتی وابسته به وزارت داخله از جمله اداره مهاجرت و پاسپورت را در خود جای داده است."

"The two explosions.....in Damascus were carried out by two suicide-bomber terrorists......."

If you are interested, I can pull 10s of different reports that you might not like what your friends in Afghanistan report on your friends in Syria! ;)

In case you missed,



If your entire Sectarian-Buddies are the Zionist puppets, then they are the Zionist puppets. Just becuase they are all Sunni does that make a few of them not to be? What kind of logic is that?

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