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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Iraqi Medical Student Finds Himself Fabulous

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WARNING: this thread contains graphic pictures of the consequences of extreme male grooming that some people may find distressing.

Meet Ahmed Angel - the Iraqi medical student and part-time model who wants to take over the world.

And with his gelled hair, piercing blue eyes and expert Photoshopping skills, the 18-year-old has been gathering followers at a phenomenal rate.

Since it was created three months ago, Ahmed's bizarre photo album on Imgur has been viewed almost a million times.




But very little is known about the mysterious Ahmed Angel.

According to his website, he is studying medicine in Belarus and speaks Arabic, English, Russian and French.

But his passion is most clearly illustrated by the 400 photos of himself posted on his Facebook page.

Album titles include 'the most beautiful face ever' and 'very HOT!'

A short biography reveals that Ahmed 'seeks to obtain fame and influence. He finds intellect and creativity as important as others. Ahmed looks down upon drinking alcohol and smoking.'

Despite having already gathered such a large fan base, Ahmed remains magnanimous about his success.

In his most recent posting on Facebook he said: 'Extend my sincere thanks to all the fans and friends for the great efforts To vote for me and published my photos in the most important and the most popular international sites In the world. And now I'm a international star And the most popular ....I love all of you.'

In response, Ahmed's adoring fans have taken their obsession to a new level.

One said: 'It's your planet. Thank you for allowing us all to live on it.'

Another wrote: 'You should be king of all the Earth.'




source: http://www.dailymail...-thinks-so.html

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I think Ahlulbayt_313 has displayed what many of us are thinking. This guy is incredibly feminine and cringeworthy.

It was like a combination of being grossed out and laughing at the same time (didn't know how to display that) :shifty:
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I added him on Facebook and he accepted. I think he is a devout muslim actually.

You can't be a devout Muslim while imitating women. What this guy is doing is wrong on so many levels.

For some reason this thread made me think of this video:

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It's a shame that people are judging a person based on his looks, especially calling him a homosexual. Maybe he has a good intention and wants to attract people so that once he has reached the maximum he will show them Islam? We never know about someone's intention and it is quite a shame that we as Shia Muslims are occusing someone of a Greater Sin. What a shame indeed.

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