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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Iraqi Medical Student Finds Himself Fabulous

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Yes, let's mock this dude. Because everyone on shiachat is perfect :rolleyes:

Everyone has their fault(s). They may be big or small, many or a few. Let's fix our own faults and then start to condenm others.

This phenomenon is not even funny. It's very disturbing and worrying. The male youth in Iraq has taken up some discusting trends.

Skinny jeans, tight T-shirts, jewelry, threaded eyebrows, tons of perfume, etc. How will the next generation be like if the current one is like this? Allah yester.

What compells them to dress like this? I think it's the depriviation that is followed by freedom and exposure to these stuff. Just like a thirsty person is deprived of water, and when given some, he will take a big amount without hesitation.

'ma shayfeen o shafow'

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A sign of the return of Imam Mehdi (as)

It's a shame that people are judging a person based on his looks, especially calling him a homosexual. Maybe he has a good intention and wants to attract people so that once he has reached the maximum he will show them Islam? We never know about someone's intention and it is quite a shame that we as Shia Muslims are occusing someone of a Greater Sin. What a shame indeed.

Are you really this naive? How old are you..?

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Just because he looks gay, doesnt make him gay...

He only uploaded his face after hearing about that khalji emaritee guy that got banned from saudi for looking good..

He needs to cut the gel,contacts,tight clothes and fix his hair and he will be normal.

There are people that dress like him same hairstyle doudt their all gay...

Mr ammar nakiswa however you spell his name, he wears some tigh I repeat tigh shirts... Wonder if his gay too...

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Doesn't anyone think looking at someone's pictures and calling him names (such as gay, queer, etc.) is backbiting (Qeybat)?

Imagine what would happen if all SC users would put up their pictures haha.

And I agree, we shouldn't call him names based on these pictures because I think the people who are calling someone else these names are ugly from the inside and so resort to this kind of behavior. We cannot even call our enemies bad names, imagine if he is a practising Muslim who happens to find himself attractive.

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If an Iraqi girl was posting similiar touched up pictures of herself without hijab, should it not be allowed to point out that it is haram either?

What makes you think it wouldn't be pointed out? If you're making this analogy, then it's granted the parallel gender would be wearing the hijab. There are female Muslim models who adorn themselves with makeup while wearing it. Is this a problem? Why?

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This is what happens when guys become overly obsessed with their looks...

Guys actually walk like that through sadr city. Guys wear those clothes to ziyarah :/ Meanwhile the guards check whether the women are wearing socks or not before entering.

Unfortunatly this is so true, quite a number of guys dress similar to go ziyarah and noone gives them a second look, yet women who are dressed modestly are still picked on for the tiniest of things.

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