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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Hezbollah's Martyrs

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What is the situation in Qusayr?


Ya Libnan, 2 hours ago, is reporting that "Iranians" have joined the fight...at least in the headline.

In the article, "an official traveling with Sec of State J.Kerry" said there are reportedly Iranians there but the US does not know "what their role is".

Article does not match the headline.

The FSA is saying they are holding "large sways" of the town and have destroyed several armored vehicles.

The article says Hezbullah is getting air support for the Syrian Air Force.

Comment: I saw a film last night on DeutscheWelle showing a jet dropping a bomb in Damascus. It looked like a random drop into a populated area.

Now this can be one of three things: ---either the pilot "chickened" and just dropped a bomb any where so as not to risk American supplied surface-to-air missiles (like SA-7s from Libya); or,

---the pilot is a FSA sympathizer who bombed civilians maliciously; or,

---a foreign gov't stealthed a plane in to drop a bomb on civilians to raise anti-gov't sentiment, a terror bombing

The the cameraman, traveling throughout Syria doing video documents just happened to be in the right, elevated vantage point to capture the drop on film is suspicious to me, even though this does happen. Compare 'traveling' with "correct location". The film also showed him contacting FSA "sympathizers" to video-document other things.

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Thanks to all those who give their lives and save women & children of Syria!! saving those who are being killed and are humilated for being Shia/Alawite/Christian or Sunni who is accused of supporting the government or for not joining the terrorists clubs.

These moments will be rememberd in yrs to come!

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