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In the Name of God بسم الله

Q&a Refreshing And Informative! Must Watch!

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Greetings Django,

Thanks for fixing the link.

Interesting discussion.

My comments:

The whole issue of sexual abuse being laid at the feet of the Catholic church... I assert that it is only there that it is heard of because of the freedom and safety people feel to report it. In other words, it is not an overstated fact in the Catholic church, but an understated fact in all the rest of the world. It is an evil that is permeating all the world. In some cases it is such a part of culture, people are so under-educated, that they do not even perceive how wrong it is, denying their own feelings about it.

I find it quite revealing that it is the homosexual person who jumped on the issue. Why I wonder is this such an issue for him. Why did this particular topic touch a nerve with him? How often do those who profess homosexuality become sexually confused by just such abuses?

What would your comments be? What made you decide to share?



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