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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Glenn Greenwald Exchange W/ Islamophobe Bill Maher

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Check mate !! Kudos to Mr Greenwald for speaking truth to this immoral atheist propaganda machine called Bill Maher ! He always claims to be so pro Islam, but this allowed his audience to see how he really feels when the real truth is in his face.

Yusuf Ali

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Maher is trying to kiss up his popularity back in the media and he knows Islamophia takes you far in western media so he is doing just that.

People just watch him for entertainment they don't think highly of him even his audience at the show didn't seem to think highly of his comments either look how many claps Greenwald got.

Anyway thanks for the share.

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Maher isnt trying to kiss up to the media, thats just who he is. He obviously isnt a fan of Islam, so he speaks against it, or at least in this case, against radicals and those he considers uncivilized.

Greenwald is a media figure as well, in case everyone forgot. So i suppose this helps demonstrate that not all news outlets are bias in one favor. Rather there truly are debates and discussions going on all the time amongst just about everyone, even figures in the media. Which is natural.

Since 2008, Greenwald has been placed on numerous 'top 50' and 'top 25' lists of columnists in the United States.[19][20][69][70][71][72][73][74][75] In June, 2012, Newsweek magazine named him one of America's Top 10 Opinionists, saying that "a righteous, controlled, and razor-sharp fury runs through a great deal" of his writing, and: "His independent persuasion can make him a danger or an asset to both sides of the aisle."[76]

Anyway...I think both sides have some truth and some falsehood with them. I think both Greenwald and Maher were making fair points. The situation in the middle east is of course very complex, and there truly is no single individual party to blame, simply because so many parties are involved from all over the world. When you have 100 people rolling dice, you cant just point at one person and say, you are the one who made the bad roll.

Also, we should recognize that, we now look at these events in hindsight. People of the past...you cant expect them to forsee the future, or outcome of their actions in all scenarios. People all around the world often have good intentions. Even people we consider terrorists, in their own minds have righteous intent. Same with the US govt, and whatever government of whatever country we are discussing.

People have a certain intent, but it isnt until its all over that we can look back and learn from our actions.

This reminds me too. When the Iraq war kicked off, there were Iraqis actually cheering for the Bush administration. Of course you wouldnt find this today, and so, its an example of how...just about everyone has these particular intentions and interests, but people just arent aware of what they truly create, until its too late.

So what you have is Greenwald saying, X player in the game should take blame for this situation. And you have Maher saying, no no its Y player who is guilty. But in reality its both. And there are probably far more players beyond both X and Y that arent even being discussed on the tv show.

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