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In the Name of God بسم الله

Best Ipad Quran App

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Any suggestions.

Currently I use quran explorer as my main one. Any other alternatives?

I use MUSLIM PRO, avaliable for both Apple (Ipad/Iphone) and Android. If you download it either on Iphone and/or Ipad it syncs it to the other.

Well its not actually a Quran software only but a comprehensive Azan/Salat software with the Quran, Qibla compass, prayers times, holidays etc all in one package. Initially when i started using it a couple of years ago, they had the Shia Azan in free download version as well but now they have the option of Shia Azan only in the paid version ($5.00). Not sure if they have it in the free version anymore.

They have the option to choose among multiple Azans for both Shia and Sunni but obvioulsy there are more Sunni choices, as well as your locations, so all in all i think its an excellent software for $5.00. Quran option is always avaliable but with free download you do have some limitations. I will keep on using it till they have the Shia Azan in there and recommend it if asked as long as again, they have the Shia azan in there.

My two cents.


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