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In the Name of God بسم الله

Introduction To South Asian Men's (The Devils !)

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Hope you all are in good health.

I did joined this forum from a while however I got active few days back. A very big problem here is blanketing people according to there origins. I have seen numerous posts of how terrible "South Asian" mens are. I would not disagree nor agree with you, every individual is different and families have different values. Them major problem here because of people end up abusing there wives include:

1. Lack of education

2. Low or even none communication b/w both partners before marriage.

3. Pathetic law and order for control.

However I would also like to tell you that the way you think everyone here is not right.

Alright you guys are champions of religion, human rights and all the stuff but do you know in how much pressure we are here, let me give you an example most of the times we don't know whether we will be able to meet all the family members on dinner or not? Do you have any idea how that feeling is?

The reason I am telling you all this stuff is not for sympathy or something else but we already have a lot of problem's here, reading such posts doesn't help. Yes there are few of idiots out there who are doing injustice with there wives but being dramatic w/o any solutions on forums and throwing sarcastic comments is not what I expected from learned people at least from bro/sis in faith.

People are growing getting aware of things like , compatibility, flexibility and of the fact to know each other before getting married but cultural change takes time so one has to be patient and support rather starting the blame game.

I am 24, well educated and since an year trying to find a suitable match however from the time I have arrived back after completing my education I have seen tremendous change, What we say "Shia girls" nowadays don't accept proposals because they have to cover there heads, most of them wants to marry a person who doesn't live here, and people like me who manage to find a suitable match gets stampede by parents on casts, religious background and etc.. its hell out here... if you cant be supportive at least don't make it worse cuz the gentry who visits SC is not the one who beats there wives and stuff, so there will be no impact anyways then why to be dramatic ..

Just because we hold green passport doesn't give anyone has the right to say that these people do this and do that. I hope you guys will understand whats going on here and pray to make it better.



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