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In the Name of God بسم الله
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The Halal Food Dilemma - Poorly Fed Animal

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The HALAL food Dilemma - Poorly fed animal

Suppose you are here in the USA and your mosque, whether shia, sunni, wahhabi or sufi says,

Eat HALAL meat. Eat Halal Fish.

So you go to an Iranian Restaurant. What do you get there?

HEART ATTACK Halal Chicken that is SALINE INJECTED with SODIUM CHLORIDE or even Ammonia or Nitrate Washed.


I have not found any source of CERTIFIABLY Healthy, Chicken, Goat, Beef, or Fish.

The fish are mercury poisoned.

The Chicken are fed on steroids and antibiotics and all kind of including their own ground meat and such, OR the price is obscenely high above market for NON-HALAL health food.

The goat and other animals are not very healthy looking. The pakistani restaurants and Iranian restaurants have THIRD CLASS, HEART ATTACK, HALAL MEAT with FAT and SKIN, full of the bad CHOLESTEROL.

Because, after 9-11 the EURO-FASCISTS and the YANKEE-FASCISTS started a WAR on Islam to destroy and PERSECUTE and EXPEL muslims, and take away our oil, gold, nickel, copper, niobium, uranium, tantalum, titanium, tungsten, molybdenum and other resources dirt-cheap, and also to shock our people and children into becoming and breaking our spirit and calling us TERRORISTS, when the biggest criminal race on the planet per capita crime is the european with 5 times crime rate per capita than Asians, while the khazar rate is a very special madoffian-romanpolanskian number.

We must do THOROUGH and BULLET-PROOF Research in all matters of FOOD, SURVIVAL and HEALTH.

In the past, our religious establishments have done ONLY SHODDY research in all matters such as even money,banking and RIBBA, and this INCLUDES the Iranian Shia and Sunni from Pakistan and Wahhabi from Saudi and Sufi are the poorest and weakest with not even a state.

Now, I squarely place the responsibility for this SHORTCOMING on the Clergy and Clerical establishments (Both Shia and Sunni and Salafi and Sufi) to start a MODEL farming operation that is shown to be economically VIABLE where land ownership is by muslims and sustainable to produce meat and food that is the highest quality and with a tour of the labs.

I have a number of ideas but if I try to lift a crane, alone, my back would break.

It needs a group of people to do this.

I can tell you that all the iranian and persian restaurants with those big fillets of chicken kabobs covered with cheese is


The chicken is SALINE injected to keep it tender.

I have confirmed with restaurants.

In addition, the chicken that is called HALAL is actually MACHINE SLITTED.

The muslim community due to poverty has a CANNIBALIZATION phenomena going on, where a muslim business will first SCREWS its own muslim. I have found this with muslim doctors and dentists, with poor OUTDATED equipment and so on.

Our community is UNIVERSALLY suppressed - and we need UNITY to get out of the economic TRAP or we will be swallowed by EUROPEAN RACISTS and FASCISTS as the KHAZARS swallowed all the tribes in and around Khazaria - the last being the BULGARS.

The SCUM of the SOLAR system, the Wicked George W Bush, before his RACIST and CRIMINAL false-flag of 9-11 in collusion with the INCOMPETENT FBI bustards (who never barked the TRUTH of 9-11) have destroyed our CHARITIES and he also destroyed the TAX of the American people by giving REFUNDS to the RICHEST before unveiling and STARTING his SCHEME of 9-11 and Iraq.

Ofcourse, the criminal euro-yanqui-racists dont have to prove their lies, but we have to prove our truths and the video testimonial is below

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You keep posting the same videos over and over again. You should be warned for spamming. It's a shame you post in such an annoying way, because here are there you are probably making a good point once in a while, but nobody is going to both trying to understand what it is when you post like that.

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