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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

How Do I Study/approach The Quran?

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Salam to bros/sis,

1. I now have quite ample time until end-Ramadhan to recite/study the Quran. I only read English translations.

2. I neither can afford to enroll in an institution nor engage in a study group. So on personal effort, how do I approach the Quran? Should I read the translation and then find some taafseer (sunni/shia, watever) to buffer my understanding?

3. I understand that the Quran is easy to read but I am more concern on how to approach it in a more productive way that open up my horizon, if there is a recommended methodology or something along those line.

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Here's more resources you might want to use:



http://www.al-islam.org/al-mizan/v1/ http://www.shiasource.com/al-mizan/

You should also google "Nouman Ali Khan tafseer", he gives pretty good tafseer lectures

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You can organize your time if you are a person that can work with timetables, for example:

Monday :memorizing small surah

Tuesday: learning 5 new words

Wednesday: reciting a particular sura that you intend to study (keep reciting same number of pages and keep reading the surah over and over again until the end of the month or week)

Thursday: read a tafsir about the same surah that you recited ( you may write some thoughts before reading the tafsir and after reading the tafsir)

Friday:again make sure you have memorized that small surah or move on to another small surah

Saturday: Recite Quran in fajr prayer, it is mustahab till the sun rises, reflect upon what you have learned, after dhuhr prayer write the questions that came up to your mind and look them up using internet, after maghrib prayer try to summarise what you have learned.

Sunday: reflect, try to read, write or open a discussion about what have you learned, if it added anything to you spiritually.

That was an example, you can make up any arrangement that fits you

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Al-Islam.org have got quite a few lectures up, you should check out shaykh Bahmanpour


I haven't read this, but it could be just the thing you are looking for, 'Introduction to the science of tafsir of the Holy Qur'an' by shaykh Ja'far Subhani


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1. I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed watching the videos suggested by AbdThaleel. I really recommend everyone to watch it. It's really rejuvenating to hear that the Quran is a LIVING source of guidance and inspiration. I will nvr look at the Quran the same way again!

Thanks again AbdThaleel. I have downloaded the pdf item.

2. IbnSohan, thank you for the idea on working with time-table. Yes, I will implement that since Quran is divided into juz. All the suggestions you listed are very good. I think I will have ample time to kick-off the ground work in the next 3 months and then focus again per specific sura thereafter.

I learn that non-Arabic Muslims need to pick the vocab to get closer to Quran. I bumped in this website which I think I will enroll in:


3. Ali_Hussain, thank you for reminding me to search al-islam.org. There's a wealth of info in that website to keep anyone busy for a long time. I have downloaded the pdf item from the link given by AbdThaleel.

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