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In the Name of God بسم الله

Fighting Youth Criminality

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In the West(Europe, USA, Australia) many young people, especially with migration background, fall in the criminality trap.

The least crime is selling drugs or becoming a pimp(or a so-called rapper/gangster rapper/ dancer or whatever).

Also young people lack education and fail to find a job etc. and fall deeper, having no money, bad housing etc.

Like this German rapper(with migration background) who robbed a gold transporter:



So why do so many young people become criminals?

It might be the politics on one hand(which also is criminal and corrupted to some extend, with arm trades being controlled by companies and pressure groups etc. instead of investing more in youth).

But is this the only problem? Why don't people invest more in the socially neglected in the West, so they don't lag behind the rest of the population?

What would your suggestions and solutions be?

Btw. it is not just a problem of migrants that's why I didn't point out migrants only. I personally know some social workers who told me that the native youths have the same problems if not worse. So how is it best to fight criminality in your neighborhood at least.

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solution to this problem is, arrange trips to orphanage houses and make the youth realize how fortunate they are to have parents and what kind of great responsibilities they have to fulfill, organize trips to hospitals and make them realize how fortunate they are to have great health, and how much thankful they should be to creator to give them these beautiful gifts.

Keep faith in Allah

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There are plenty of elements that pushes youth's mind to a criminal state. You have to eliminate them all first. The corporate jungle is itself enough to do this job. Aside from that we have broken homes, douche-bag parents, the 'dog-eat-dog' mentality, 'winning at all cost' mentally, making a 'God' out of money and treating those with less money less than animals etc etc etc.

To deal with this, I say to always give them a helping hand. Use your personal experience, knowledge, intellects etc to help them out.

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