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In the Name of God بسم الله

Let's Invite Brother Hassanain Rajabali Here

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its not a bad idea, however Hajj hassanain may be very busy to sit on the computer and reply to topics .

I would suggest inviting a pre-Alim .. someone who is studying to become an Alim.

Shiachat could be a great experience for them


Sheikh Usama Al-attar.. I heard he used to be an active ShiaChat member back in the days. Someone correct me if I'm wrong .

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Learn? From him? SC has e-scholars coming out of its ears, and you want to invite a real life scholar to "teach" US? How unfathomably rude.

But on a serious note, the purpose is indeed noble and very beneficial. However it would be awfully embarrassing to see throngs of people currently in taqayya shamelessly stepping out of the closet stabbing at him and criticizing all his views. Knowing SC administration they will tolerate that and it will be unpleasant for all the plain and simple Shia.

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