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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

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In the name of Allah, the commander of the Universe, the Omniscient, the Omnipotent. Greeting of most high to my habibi the greatest light in the form of Man, the role model of all time, Muhammad salawatullahi alaihi wa ala ahlil- baytihi

Distinguished brothers and sisters in Islam, i often asked myself if the age of AL-Mahdi can ever be counted. if the Ulamas can specify his age during the temporary occultation, i dont think our presents scholars can specify the expected age of our awaited saviour, ever since he disappered to re-appear before the end of time (Ajjalallahu farajaka ya habibi)

the miracle of age accorded to Sahibul Zaman by Allah Taala is enough evidence to prove that the position of ahlilbayt is so much exalted beyond our knowledge. it is beyond scientific prove that a human being can be ageless. But Allah Ta'ala out of his endless and unlimited Mighty granted Al Mahdi(The great- great grandson of the holy prophet ) an ageless and unlimited time in occultation. he made him fearless, powerfull and strong and Allah is preparing him to bring back light and justice to humanity, to bow down the oppressors and world tyrants just like the role his great grand father Imam Ali (as) played . History presented Ali as the sword of Allah, the fearless warrior of islam, such similar characteristics have been passed to the Ageless saint

There must be a reason why Allah choose to free the awaited Al-Mahdi from the effect and limitation of age. in view of these i hope readers would be able to add more inputs as to why the Imam Al Mahdi is living without the impact of AGE on him!. may Allah hasten his appearance!!

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Very nice post

It is indeed a miracle from Allah. Prophet Khidr is also living for a very long time (or has lived) . Prophet Noah too ,according to the Quran.

for Imam Mahdi , 2 theories for why he is living in occultation.

1- Its a kind of 'test' to see our faith : whether it will go down or up

2- Its a time to purify and work ourselves by yearning for the Mahdi ..

Imam Mahdi was born in the year 255 Hijra and he is 1178 years old . The reason why he is living that long , is to eventually gather more companions, getting more people to go through the same 2 reasons of occultation , and to guide people .

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