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Quran Change Accusation

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Salam alykom

The Quran we have today is the exact same Quran that was written during the time of the prophet with no alterations that occurred to it. This is what Sheik Saduq(ra) ; one of our great classical scholars has stated in regards to tahrif al quran.

Abu Ja'far Mubammad ibn `All ibn Babawayh al-Qummi, known as al-Shaykh al-Saduq, (died 381/991), states the following in his book entitled al- 'I'tiqadat (Beliefs):

"With respect to the Holy Qur'an which Allah Almighty has revealed to His Prophet Muhammad (S), we believe that this is that very Qur'an which is between the two covers and is in the possession of the people, and that there is not anything more than this. Whoever charges us with believing in excess, has lied."

However , there is no doubt that most of our classical scholars believed in Tahrif Al-Ma'na of the Quran or the distortion of the meaning. In other words, the exact and accurate tafsir of the Quran we have today does not reflect 100% exactly to the tafsir done by the Ahlulbayt, meaning there are distortions of the meaning of the Quran that occurred through out history. This belief is also common in Sunni islam since Sunnis themselves have 4 different madhhabs or schools that have different interpretations of the Quran from each other. With that being said, the exact meaning of the Quran will be revealed when our pure master Imam Al-Mahdi reappears.

In regards to the textual distortion of the Quran, this belief by itself is rejected in Shia Islam. In other words, most of our classical scholars reject the belief that the Quran had insertions or deletions in it's texts but instead say that the same copy of the Quran of their time or the one we have today is exactly 100% similar to the Quran that was written during the time of the prophet. However, we do have one classical scholar by the name of Nur Al-Tabrasi that believed not only in the distortion of the meaning but also in the distortion of the text of the Quran. Nur Al-Tabrasi's view in regards to tahrif al Quran is not accepted by the majority of our scholars and our scholars throughout history simply regard him as a mujtahaid who was mistaken. That being said, with regards to Nur Al-Tabrasi's belief in the textual distortion of the Quran, it is obviously contradictory to the Quran because Allah(swt) clearly mentioned in the Quran that he will preserve it and prevent it from being corrupted like how bible and the Torah that were distorted by his humans.

And this is the Aya where Allah(swt) clearly said he will protect the Quran from any distortions:

"Indeed it is We who have sent down the reminder (the Qur'an), and indeed it is Us who shall preserve it"

(Surah Al-Hijr 15:9)

Moreover, there are hadiths in our books that talk about Tahrif Al-Quran. Keep in mind that in Shia Islam, we do not have sahih books as sunnis do since no human written book can be 100% correct and only Allah's book shares such divine attirubute by being free from error. With that being said, you will see no problem in finding fabricated hadiths in our books and within those fabricated hadiths are the ones that talk about tahrif alquran which are obviously rejected by most of our scholars.

These links will help and talk about what I said in much more details.



I hope this helped answer your questions.


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