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Salaamun'Alaikum Brothers and Sisters.

Does any member here have oatmeal regularly? If yes, how do you cook it and what all do you add?

I personally love to have oatmeal everyday. I always add milk to it and microwave it. Then add some peanut butter and put it in the fridge to cool down. I always have it cold. I also don't add any sugar to it. I used to add honey though.


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I eat oatmeal regularly and this is my favorite breakfast. I love to top it will fruit and raisins. I also love to pair it with almond milk it has a creamy taste and it is good if you have lactose intolerant. Sometimes I make oatmeal cookies with chocolate chips for my kids. Oatmeal is a heart-friendly food.

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I quite dislike oatmeal but there is a dish that's common in my culture (Afghan) that I thought would be interesting to mention. It's traditionally a winter dish and is a bit different in that it's a savoury rather than sweet.


It's called halim. It's rather like oatmeal porridge with chicken flavoured with cardamom and butter. The chicken is first boiled,  along with onion, a cinnamon quill and salt. It'd then added (along with the broth) to oats, bulgur wheat, cardamom and baked for a few hours. It's served topped with a knob of butter (or a dollop of hot oil) and dusted with brown sugar and cinnamon.


Personally, I don't prepare the dish often as I find it quite unpalatable as I don't like oatmeal (and also have coeliac's disease and can't eat bulgur).

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