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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Marrying Before University

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You need to treat your relationship however as the most important course in your courseload, and expend a lot of effort into keeping communication and togetherness strong. People change tremendously in those 4 years, so it takes conscious effort to stay alligned and not grow apart.

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It could go either way - be really supportive and help you focus on your courses or it could go the other way dont need to go into details :P. It depends on the individuals. If you meet someone you feel really good about, go ahead, but dont get married for the sake of getting married at that stage in your life. I think it has to be a pretty sure thing in your mind.

It could also be economically advantageous. I didnt know about the specific married scholarships (mentioned in an above post) but two can live cheaper together than apart.

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My parents didnt accept the idea of marriage before finishing university and I am grateful. Hamdulla.

Marriage while studying can be a big distraction. Its having to care mentally and physically for an extra person every day 24/7. u will still have to take care of ur parents and siblings. it can be stressful- instead of thinking i gota study chapter 8, i will be thinking i gta go home and do this and this and pay this and this and check on hubby or wife to see how they are doing, why they are late? etc

those girls at uni that got married were behind and some graduated later. Those that got engaged were going crazy about preparation for weddin and their hubbys that they were strugglng to pass.

My mum was in her last year of medicine when she married daddy who was a GP and as such he helped her in her studies. She was still delayed 1 yr cuz its not easy to run a house and study. hmm but i think she got pregnant...

BUT thats what i can see. you should weigh benefits versus risks and make ur own decision. In sydney there are heaps of muslims at uni's and we have islamic societies that are proactive and all so it wasnt very hard to settle in. there is corruption werever u are. don't put it in ur head that UNI= marriage. go uni, see how u go, if u strggling to cope and u find getting married will save u from corruption, then get married ASAP :P

its an individual scenario.

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I think it a very good idea, but not many parents agree. keeps you from sin and wondering eyes and minds. when your young you can grow with your partner like moulding together. But when your older your more stuck in your ways

so hard to ajust to each other. If one says change this about yourself, the other will say why dont you. where when your

younger you both will just do it without fighting. The older you get the more set in your ways you get, in younger age leaves room to change.

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Personally i got engaged while i was at university but we did not get marry until i had graduted. It was literally in the same month. Got married 2nd of july my graduation was 21st of july. I think that it is a good idea but it can distract you abit from your work. So it depends how hard working you are. It can also keep you from doing any haraam, at university you see alot of different people and some will try to make you go wrong.

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