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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Roza Of Imam Husain A.s Was Stolen (India)

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Salam Alaikum

Few days ago there was a robbery news in an imambargah in Mumbai, shrines of imam Husain a.s,donation box and other precious which sum up more then 6 million INR was stolen by some scumbag And Alhamdullilah our police has successfully solved the case

Posted On Sunday, February 03, 2013 at 01:01:14 AM

A Kurla-based couple was arrested on Saturday for stealing silverware worth upto Rs 63 lakh from a

prayer hall in Pydhonie. Fatima, 31, and Altaf Shaikh, 35, were picked up after police found silver artefacts used for prayers at

their home in Patra Nagar, Kurla (E). The couple had stolen the pieces and a gas cylinder from Zaferi

Mahal, where Fatima had been working as a domestic help for the past eight years. According to police, the couple used a duplicate key to enter the hall on Tuesday evening after prayers. Later, when a member discovered the theft, he informed the hall’s trustee, Sadiqali Allarakhia, who then

filed a complaint with the police. During investigations, police found a donation box belonging to the trust near the Shaikhs’ home. The box

contained fake silverware, which the police suspect the couple was planning to replace the original

ornaments with. “Fatima had taken help of her husband in the robbery. The items include a taziya (a prayer artifact used

by the Shia community during prayers) and a gas cylinder. We have recovered 90 per cent of the stolen

goods. We had found a donation box near the accused residence. The box had duplicate artefacts which

made us believe that she was planning to replace these with the originals,” said a police officer. Fatima, who has confessed to the crime, has been remanded to police custody along with her husband. “The recovery weighs around 7 kgs. We are trying to investigate whether the duo was involved in other

thefts too,” said the officer.


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