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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Created A Website For Debate & General Discussion

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Asalaaamulikum ArRahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu

Created a website for debate & general discussion.


This is not a spam or troll related thing. I wanted to create a dialouge website

for quite sometime.. and I see many websites and forums... But most turns

ugly and users start attacking each other... which I can not stand for.. Relgion is a

beautiful.. and it is part of the human society..

I would like to have the Shia Brothers and Sisters to join also..

I am a muslim, sunni by label I guess, but I do know pletty and have high respect for Ahlul-Byht...

i DO highly, respect the Exoteric & Esoteric view too, though not everyting is fully except either in my mind and or heart..

Would like to hear the brothers respond..


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We have 1 registered user

The newest registered user is Admin


Bro, just join one of the millions of forums out there that have this kind of dialogue already. No need to go creating your own, on a free forum creator. Not to be harsh or anything, but nobody is going to join. It looks very unprofessional, you don't already have a following of some sorts (try starting an interfaith blog, get a few million subscribers, and then create the forum), and yeah. This is going to fail badly. Sorry, bro.

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I have not given the thumbs up to other brothers large community

to join the forum.. I mean large... but I am cautious.. but still debating when too..

I think it will be soon..

And how is my Post an AD???

I can make ads and that was not an Ad by any means...

I did blogs years ago and yes that works but that's more of personal opinion...

Rather than user based driven/ran topics..

Its not an issue to have Sunni Madhabs or brothers of the Salafi Manhaj.. That is no PROBLEAM..

I would to see diversity.. if not I will close out the Shia brothers section :'( and will

Give the green lighht for everyone else to start joining...

and I do not want that.. Everyone should be represented..

thank you brothers..

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First of all that is an Ad...

Secondly, I know how to make Ads and use them..

Third, I would like everyone to be reprenseted...

I am waiting/debating when to give the green light to

let people join the forum..

The issue is it's not hard to gather, people of Sunnni Madhabs or the brothers of Salafi Manhaj...

or Sufis for that matter too.. I will let thme join soon.. when I decide too...

but I belive in everyone being able to voice... If not I will remove the "Shia" section and let it go without

Shias being represented... which I really don't want it to happen like that

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