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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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Let me just say this is not what I (personally) meant by betrayal. This is intelligent discussion of a woman's role in Islam. What I was talking about is when women side with men's opinions of what we

It does feel like a safe haven from all the bickering ;)

This is the first time on any SC thread that females have been able to post freely - without interference and harassment from the SC boys

Bcz m on SC aaaaallllll day :D

So am I. :cry: Hopefully when uni starts, I'll be on here a lot less.

I don't think the slave issue is as simple as that. People have hadith to back up what they're saying so we can't say that they are 'incorrect'. Cruel perhaps, but not incorrect.

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Sister don't boil your blood. It's not worth it especially as I am sure many of the posts are purely to gauge a reaction.

Also as I am engaged in dialogue about the background of Imam Mehdi (a.s)'s mother in another thread I would like to point out there are conflicting hadith about the holy lady's origins. One is therefore false. I am not going to decide which one that is however just because there are hadith does not mean something is correct or allowed and just because there is no hadith it doesn't mean it isn't allowed.

Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.s) said I am leaving you with two things, the Ahlulbayt and the Quran. So if a hadith contradicts with what we know about the behavior of the Ahlulbayt or what the Quran teaches, one needs to use their common sense.

I am not going to say something is correct or false but I am going to say if something is inhumane to us then chances are that the most holy of personalities, our respected Imam's felt the same way.

Thankfully that thread is closed sisters. I never participated because well look at my signature :P

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*Sayyeda* and WhiteSkies, thank you for the encouraging replies. im glad that you guys did not misunderstand me, and its heartening to know that there are other girls here who feel confused like i do. ok, i have been trying to write this response at least three times, but each time, something goes wrong, and my carefully thought out words get swallowed up by the dark recesses of the web...

im just writing a short reply now. *Sayyeda*, what you say is very true, but as you pointed out, its all dependent on one getting a Momin husband; if not, it can be pretty darn unfair on the woman to have to listen to him, be it in matters like going out, or submitting to his physical demands, regardless of her physical/ emotional state. WhiteSkies, i totally hear you when you talk of two selves, pre- and post-hijab, and that part about killing yourself. also, what you guys wrote about womens right to physical satisfaction, and that part often being swept under the carpet, is very true.

But may i be the evil person who persists with the negativity despite being told why what is? The more i find out, the more it seems to me that no matter what, our commands are a bit more leaning favorably towards men . i wonder how much of that has to do with narrators and interpreters being males too. someone here mentioned the need for more female scholars- im with you, sister! they might be able to get another perspective on all this, and may be even help us see the light wherever we are wrong. its just that when theres talk of mens rights over wives, there are words like obligatory, whereas when vice versa, its more about recommended etc. i do know there are many commands that seem male-oriented, at least superficially, that i once thought antediluvian, but am now able to accept. its just that im unsure how much my personal moral compass is a good guide to helping me filter out good and bad narrations, for there seem to be tons of the latter....

Anyhow, im impressed at the way you guys are able to have such a positive outlook, whether when *Sayyeda* talks of an alternate way to view supposedly binding commands for wives, or when WhiteSkies does about this being a blessed woman's jihad. thank you, all sisters here, and have a blessed day

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I don't see slavery as a byproduct of Islam. It existed way way way before Islam. And it still exists even to this day. I guess back then it was necessary evil. Evil that we can do without, in this world, right now.

I'm not overly bothered about slavery, because for the most part, we have found a way to put a stop to it by wage/earning/income system.

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