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In the Name of God بسم الله

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The Basic Question Of This Topic Is Dont You Agree?

first of all technology is improving and upgrading every day, so every time a newer model comes out with just a tiny new features the company makes billions from us,technology is the main reason that homelessness is increasing around the world, as i have read in the last 20 years in bank branches there used to be 20-30 people working at one branch and today as i visited the branch i only spotted 8 people and its getting less every day as technology is upgrading, over 5000 people who are poor could easily get a job in the last 20 years then today with technology, technology has ruined our childrens brain like iPads and iPods and it is all because of technology.

today instead of me opening my book to study i open my ipad and study from it, instead of looking in a dictionary i am looking at the computers dictionary, instead of me walking around without glasses, today i am, all because of technology, although technology have done us many services, it is also ruining our lives in the long run. today instead of me walking to shops to find the product i am looking for i just go on the internet and order it for delivery, instead of me using my brain to count my money i use a calculator, why?, isnt our brains smart enough to calculate the amount of money i have left, if today technology didnt exist i wouldnt have heard of homelessness all over the world, there are many things that we humans can do but the computer cant, we are much smarter than technology and we are created by the beneficial the merciful Allah, who invented computers?

so the question is , Do you Or Do You Not Agree That If Technology Wasn't Advanced As Today, Do You Think Poor People Living On The Streets Would Have Jobs Today Instead Of Begging For Money, Do You Think That Technology Has Made Us Lazy, For Example, Instead Of Calculating 9 X 5, I Just Press Those Buttons On The Calculator, Do You Think Technology Is Destroying People Jobs Every Day, Jobs That Pay For Your Family To Support Them And Provide Them With Good Education?

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the technology of today is behind tens of thousands years to the technology that exists to another class of people.

these people are holding back such technologies in order to extract every hard earnt dollar from your pocket .

they will do this for another few more years than most people will be replaced by robots .

Human workers (slaves ) will not be required any longer.

Robots will work for this class of people (masters).

this programme was started many years ago and was called the Eugenics movement .

The nazis took it to the next level .

Now it's called transhumanism.

As for jobs , when did jobs ever support families.

you do know the acronym for job




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jobs did support my family, i go to work everyday for a reason, MONEY , and without it my kids would be starving and thirsty and we would be living in a box, without jobs people dont have money and without money you cant do anything, you cant give education to your children, you cant buy water, you cant buy food, clothes, and many more things and now everyday the prices are increasing by 0.1%, 10 years ago i went to a hotel in dubai and the rate was 65 Dollars Per Night last moth i went back to that same hotel the rate was 140 Dollars Per Night, so without jobs you cant provide anything to support your family, so jobs are important, there must be over 10,000 people this second still wondering around in the streets looking for jobs so they can put the food on the table for their family. and there are technology years ahead but trust me when that technology comes out there will be 1,000,000 people looking for jobs this second instead of 10,000. and robots are smarter than us humans, nothing is more reliable and smarter and more intelligent than a human brain

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as i have seen in the last few days, i have confirmed that technology made more people homeless, i asked a poor guy and his family living in a homeless shelter how did you end up here? he he simply replied technology, he said before he worked in a bank to help count money before the counting machine was invented he said he was given a minimum wage and that minimum wage kept the food on his table, he said i had a nice small apartment, i had heating system in that apartment, i had a wage that kept my family running and even though they couldn't afford buying toys and presents for their children, his kids were more than happy not to receive toys and gifts because they understood that they had a limited amount of money and had to manage it, he managed to get kids into a public school but couldn't afford the uniform so he cut back on food costs to pay for the school uniform, he said before i had a life, i used to have a nice small place to Neil and pray to Allah to help us, i used to have a shrine filled with books about islam, but now since the counting machine was invented he was fired because they didn't need him anymore they had a machine to do his job, and they also fired a couple of his friends in the bank and they all now live in a homeless shelter now he says i dont have a place to neil to god, i dont have a place to keep my islam books safe, i dont have money to buy food for my family, i dont have heating system which i can control, he says he goes out everyday and try to look for jobs but technology has taken his place.

so after i heard this story believe it or not i gave him 100 Dollars to keep his family alive and not starve to death, so technology has ruined alot of poor people lives

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