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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Please Help Me Editing Article About Shia's

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Please Help me editing Shia related article.. Our enemies are spreading hatred towards us on wikipedia..

Articles about our beliefs are completely wrong ..

Articles about Caliphs are complete while Articles about our Imams are not completed :mellow:. .

Article about Battle of Karbala has alot of mistakes :donno: and wrong information..

Article about Shia view of Ali is incompleted..

Mauwiyah,Abu Sufyan are praised in their articles.. We can create many article about Shia view of Mauwiyah,Yazid,1,2,3 caliph and why we hate them :realangery: ..

Atleast correct article which are about our beliefs..

We can create many article and If we edit and add information with book sources(sunni or shia) they cannot remove it..!

Wikipedia.org is ranked 6 among many countries a/c to alexa.com.. and Religious pages have thousands of Views daily ..

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give correct information with reference from Sunni or Shia books..


answer their questions in this article..

and create article about Criticism of Sunnism..

Add more information to




to Imam Askari articles are incomplete.

Complete these articles with reference from Sunni Books or Shia Books..(Sunni Books are more acceptable)



create Shia view of Uthman,Shia view of Mauwiyah..


there is not Shia view of Sahaba Article and page is redirected towards Sunni View of Sahaba i.e .. they just mentioned in their articles that shia donot respect Sahaba ..

In Caliphs related articles they just stated that Shia Hate Caliphs and dont mention the reason.. please mention reasons from their books.

Everyone can Edit Wikipedia... If you cannot Edit Wikipedia just provide me content with reference.. i will add them.. my facebook i.d is https://www.facebook.com/hussaini.bacha

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