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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

A Poem About Shaheed Baqir Al Sadr

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I was surfing the internet to find out more about Shaheed Baqir Al Sadr when i came across this poem

The Birth Of A Martyr

Ya Shaheeden, O’ most noble of men

Your knowledge has become our knowledge

And your pain is our pain

You were killed defending the honor of this beautiful religion

Who else could claim to be a son of Hussain?

Struggle flows within your blood

For after you Sayed Sadiq ascended to the skies above

Blood spilled on the land that cradled the birth of our martyrs

And because of you, with the struggle did we fall in love

You told us to walk and we walked

And yet today you are not walking with us

You told us to resist and we resisted

And yet you are not here to resist with us

You told us to think and we thought

And yet it matters not, for your thoughts live within us

We believed he had killed the heart of Iraq

The man who gave his life to stand

We heard you had died but death did lie

For who could kill the mind of a land?

You who enlightened he who never met you

The tear has been imprisoned upon the pages of your life

For how could we cry when we read your story

Tears do no justice to such a man

We have become like the rifle in your hand

We are the lions of that land

And I am whatever your philosophy tells me I am

O’ Baqir did you see him?

Did you see him hang?

Let it not be said that Iraq abandoned you

By my Lord Baqir we have avenged you

The lions of this land could not rest

For we tied our ropes around that seemingly untouchable neck

We took our revenge and from saddam our shackles were freed

For you o’ Baqir we killed him

For you O’ Baqir we killed Yazid


Its quite beautiful :cry:

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