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In the Name of God بسم الله

Are We Sincere To The Societies In Which We Live

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Maybe the majority of the Shiachatters are living in non-Muslim and non-Shia(majority) countries.

After reading a news article and some topics on here questions arise to which extend Muslims in general are sincere to their societies in which they live.

Some demand from Muslims to be politically active in their societies.

One major thing is: The majority of Shia Ulama are living in Iraq or Iran. They may not be aware of situation of Muslims in the West or in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Indonesia etc.. although they read news and see what is happening in the West or in countries with non-Shia majority. But they give Fatwas for Shia in those countries as well.

Now the question arises:

Are we meant to be politically active or religiously? Since both seems to be impossible. Sometimes Muslims have to make agreements with parties to get for example a new mosque built, or new laws in favor of Hijab.

Now the same party also support issues which might be against Muslims or Shia.

One issue is for example Bahrain:

One of the reasons(not the only one) why the West is reluctant in supporting Bahraini uprising is because it fears that it might become another place for Iranian involvment(which openly condemns the West).

Another is Afghanistan or Pakistan, in which Shia are sometimes seen as Iranian puppets.

As for Sunnis(and secular Shia), they integrate easier into societies, why? Because the simply don't follow political advice from other places(except for the new rise of Wahabi/Salafi who follow their Saudi Shaikhs).

The problem to me is: when it comes to Shia and politics people start fearing Shia(one reason: Iran against West).

Now the question is are we sincere towards the societies in which we live when we involve politics(international) and religion? And to whose benefit is it?

How should Shia people proceed?

Do you keep out of poltics because you think it is not your business?

How important is politics in your life?

Do you agree with everything your Marja(if you have one) says on politics?

I mean, lets be direct: Perhaps the Shia think that society is stupid and they can go everywhere and try to convince others both politically and religiously from Shia/Islamic path.

But this results in stagnation and no progress as society is not so easily tricked.

What do you think on Islam and politics?

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Do you have any say in how McDonalds Corporation conducts its business ?

Yes , if you are on the board of directors , the President or a major shareholder .

Now let me ask you when it comes to your Government .

Your Government like McDonalds is a private corporation , so unless you are the President ,Board of Directors or the shareholders of this private corporation , you do not have any say in the way the Government conducts it's business.

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