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In the Name of God بسم الله

Protest Against Shia Genocide In Pakistan

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They are truly showing us what it means to be patient, these shia, are being showered with bombs, and barraged with bullets- yet they stand there shouting labaik ya hussain. iA they are protected, and the killers are cursed. and god willing we can truly learn from their example.

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Just recently around two week ago- i watched a video - of a jaloos in pakistan, a bomb goes off, naturally within the first minute, a few people try preserve their life, then suddenly the chant of labaik ya hussain begins, and every single person- starts to walk towards where the bomb went off, it was amazing.

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Bringing attention to this issue is good. Step one.

What's step two?


interaction between ulema and people

increase in love of imam Hussain (as) and Love of shuhada

showing our strength to enemy

unveiling all political/Religious parties who are involve in shia killing

bringing govt to its knees for a proper dialouge like face to face b/w centeral govt representative(governor of the province) and ulema committee.

plus many more

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