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In the Name of God بسم الله

Urgent Advice Please Regards A Job

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Hello all

I have a cousin, in chatting he told me that he has had interest from a foreign exchange company regards a work prospect dealing with clients / customer service . When I was happy for him he seemed hesitant. so I probed, and he started going on about a flawed money system , and it potentially being unislamic to work in such places with a general attitude of not wanting anything to do with this sector . And then came the conspiracy type talk which perhaps may hold some truth , but... Well to me sounded far fetched, he said that his wages could be paid from interest, I dont know how true that is and he can't prove it, I understand working directly with interest would be wrong , but my knowledge of banking/ foreign exchange markets/ economics are not sound or worthy of offering my opinion to him, so I just left the whole topic. Anyone have any knowledge on these systems or in particular foreign exchange market and a good answer to give him, affirming or negating his views as I don't believe he's based his decision on understanding , mA his intentions are noble but I don't want him to miss out on an good opportunity for no reason.

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All Banking in this world is based on fraud and :Riba.

It is the biggest scam in this world operated by the most powerful criminal cabal.

like a vampire sucking the souls of humanity.

This is reality , and no one can justify the income from such sources as :Halal.

So if someone wanted to become a bank clerk, nothing directly involved what would you say ?

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I am not here to issue verdicts or :Fatwas .

As I mentioned before , everything in banking is 100% :Haram as it is pure evil.

If you or anyone decide to participate in it , than you are receiving blood money from the most corrupt of all institutions.

The first institution our :Imam (as) will destroy and replace will be the banking , followed by religion.

So I let you determine what that say of such institutions.

Unless you are in it to learn how it really works , so you know how to destroy it , and help build a better :Halal system with the :Imam (as) .

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He did not mention the biggest lie in banking today.

have you heard of fractional reserve banking ?

When you enter into a loan , the loan document you sign is securitised and sold to other banks for 10 times it's value .

They make 10 times profit of your loan doc , than ask you to repay the fake loan with interest .

Interest is only a small portion of the fraud.

The banks do not tell you about this .

And they use your name and signature to create money from thin air.

Did you know when you open an account , they create another account and deposit millions of dollars from your redemption accounts .

and when you close your accounts with the banks , they keep these accounts open on another ledger and trade these accounts and make more money .

They create massive debt , by artificially inflating markets like the housing markets , knowing well most people will default and steal the homes back from their victims at fraction of the price.

Now do you really want to work for such criminals .

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Let's say you work for a criminal gang that exists to rob people , but you don't physically see this as you are stuck behind a desk answering phone calls .

Does that make it right ?

Ignorance is no excuse .

It is up to you now to research , and find out for yourself if what I say is true or not .

As you and I will be accountable for every atoms weight of our actions in this :Dunya and in the :Akharat.

You are welcome to PM me and I can assist you in the research .


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@saherfatima the subject was last discussed a month ago and by now your cousin would have delicned the opportunity....

its good to discuss these kind of issues, creates awarness and infact becomes fruit for thought but its much easy and practical to ask a mujtahed (whom a person follows) and even if he/she doesnt follow one a person could still ask the mujtahed; i dont think any of us has enought information to actually advise on the issue if its haram or not...

If a person is expert in financial and economic system very remote chances that the same person will be expert in islamic jurisprudence.

A mijtahed may not be expert in financil and economic system but he does possess adequate knowledge to give opinion and also has resources on disposal to carry out the necessary research before give opinion.

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