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In the Name of God بسم الله

Imam Ali - Greatest Warrior [ Video Montage ! ]

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We love you Abal Hassan, Oh Commander of the Faithful, not because the strike of your sword killed the cruel and the wicked, but because your heart was an ocean of love, and pain. In the dark of night, you would leave your home, covering your face, carrying a sack of wheat, dates, or bread, and walk the narrow streets and alley ways of kufa. then you would knock on the doors of the poor and the destitute, feeding them what you can, asking them to forgive you for the little you had to offer.

Oh Ali, no one knows you, save your brother, the Prophet of Islam (sawa), and Allah Almighty Himself

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I'm not sure if I can advertise here, but this is my brothers channel. It is dedicated to the ahlelbayt (a.s) and unity of muslims. :)

He has just reached 10 million views. Here is the link to his channel:



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