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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

I Got A Question

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Selamun aleykum my deer brothers and sisters ,

i gott a question about a picture i saw with a Imam on it ,

there was also a hunter with bow and arrow and al kinda animals behind the Imam who wha`s kinda protecting them .

i wanna know the storry behind this picture

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There is a story regarding Imam Redha (as) involving a Deer who running from a hunter sees the holy Imam (as) and seeks sanctuary with him. For this Imam Ar-Redha (as) is called " the protector of the deer" and some people call him with this as a title. Again to the ignorant anti shia ones on these boards Look into the story of Khezr and Musa (as). Khezr by the decree of Allah swt has the status of Ulul-Amr, Knows the future, Ghaib and is capable of intercession by Allah's decree to change the Qadha. Prophet sawa has hundred times more status as Khezr and so his true Khulafa (pure Progeny).

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please lift mine restriction to post.. its very anoying


@ sah merdan or any body else , can you tell me more about Imam Ar-Redha (as)

Yup, Definitely Imam Ali Ar-Redha.....

Son of Imam Musa Kazim(as), born on 11th Dhul Qadah in Medinah, Martyred by Abbasid Khalifa Mamoon in Mashhad at age 55....

the title in the left lower corner "Gharib al Ghuraba" confirms it.....HE is also known as Imam-e- Zaamin (as).

there is a story that One day when Imam (as) was on his historical journey from Madinah to Khurasan, while in a jungle the Holy Imam (as) came across a hunter who was about to kill a deer. The deer was trying to get away and when she saw Holy Imam (as), she said something to him. Holy Imam (as) asked the hunter to free the deer so that she could go and feed her little baby deer that were very hungry. Imam (as) also told the hunter that once the deer had fed her babies she would come back. The hunter allowed the deer to go because Holy Imam(as) had told him to, but he did not think the deer will come back. But Imam Reza (as) waited with the hunter until the deer returned with her young ones. The hunter was amazed on witnessing this miraculous event and he set the deer free as a mark of respect for Imam (as).....

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