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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Ya La Saa Raa Til Husayn

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“Ya-Letharat Al-Husain – Revenge for Husain.”

When Aba-l-fadel (p) fell in the battlefield of Karbala with his banner, there was nobody to raise the Banner of Islam. From the Manber of Imam Husain (p), the voice of Imam Zain-l-Abideen (p) and Syida Zainab (p) converted the slogans and message of Imam Husain (P) into a dynamic movement that raised the banners of justice and revenge, “Ya-Letharat Al-Husain – Revenge for Husain.” These banners were the spirit and the dynamic energy for many great revolutions. These revolutions started with Mukhtar Al-thaqafi ®, then later Zyed Ben-Ali ®, all the way to Imam Khomeini ®. In 1979, against all odds, God honored the great Imam Khomeini ® with the Islamic revolution of Iran. Imam Khomeini ® raised the fallen banner of Aba-l-fadel (p) and stood in the face of all oppressors and tyrants to restore Islamic Ideology. He restored the dignity of every Muslim in the world. This banner will be handed by the Kharasani to Imam Mahdi (p).

I hope someone else will provide more information :donno:

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To add to it many came after zayd ibn ali a.r with the call of avenging the blood of imam Hussain a.s however oppressed ahlulbayth a.s like the bani abbas khulafa for e.g. and the banners after zayd ibn ali a.r and before imam zamana ajf are banners of taghut according to our ahadees

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