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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

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And I am sure those so called followers will support the kidnapping of Shias like it has been done by Salafi FSA in their 'liberated' areas in Syria or their cold-blooded murders that occurs daily in Pakistan or Iraq against the shia. If those Einstein followers however do not support those murders and massacres then they have no choice but to support what you call filth and what sanity sees as President of Syria under whose rule everyone has freedom to follow their Imam and not get beheaded or blown in pieces for it.

Salam Wahdat:

From this post I thought of a new word to coin:



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Its not so much that I am a supporter of Bashar. However, I am against Saudi Hypocrite ZioTerrorists, I do not want to see another hypocrite government like Qatar, Bahrain, or Saudi America. These 3 countries are a shame on the Muslims. It is sad because when non Muslims think 'Islam' or 'muslims' for some reason they automatically think Saudi America. I know the Prophet (pbuh) said something to the regard of 'Be sure someone is a Kafir before you call them that otherwise you are the Kafir' but it is my strongest belief that Al Saud are not Muslims no matter how much they tell themselves that. Salafi/Wahhabi terrorists all need to be destroyed or arrested. Al Saud will jump at the first chance to arm Arab people against and Arab governments but will do nothing when Israhell is bombing Gaza back into the dark ages. Sunnis and Shia should unite and destroy the house of Saud and strip all of the family of its money and give it to the poor starving Muslims of the world. Any of the Saudis who wouldn't be willing to turn in all of their Gold/Money/Riches should be put to death by beheading. This includes all of the [Edited Out]s who are 'princess' and are always found in europe/america partying like animals.

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With not because I like him, but because I dont like the opposition.

Its tactical warfare, do you think most sunnis where with with or against saddam ? they were mostly with him, and saddam is a bigger tyrant than Assad.

Assad isnt killing his peopl he is in the middle of a civil war and defending is position

BTW its not a sunni shia thing, I also supported Gadafi, again I didnt like Gadafi but I prefered to the opposition

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