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In the Name of God بسم الله
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What Is The Difference Between Saddam & Bashar?

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I'm not sure I'm posting in the right forum, but here goes anyway. I was browsing this site and noticed that there are many pro Assad people here. I can't lie, this is really heartbreaking for me, as a Syrian. I do not understand this blind support. So to make me understand, I ask of you pro Assad people to tell me, exactly, what is the difference between Bashar hafez al assad and his counterpart Saddam Hussein? They are both dictators, and both baathists, but i have a certain feeling that if you went to iraq today, no one (or at least a minority) of people would tell you that they loved Saddam.

Thanks and I don't mean to offend anyone.

saddam looks like a butcher, Assad looks like an intellectual /model

looks are important you know esp when dictators like to adorn every wall and square with their image.If I'm staring at saddams ugly face everywhere I wud be clinically depressed and turn violent, Assad I can tolerate for much longer !

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In the ongoing conflict, most Shias and anti-Zionists want Bashar to prevail. Even though his regime has committed crimes that is. It's called being realistic.

How is killing your own people being "anti-Zionist"? The Assad regime has killed thousands upon thousands of Syrians, and how many Israelis? Not even 5,000.

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Assad being a doctor and Saddam uneducated is not subject but a fact.

Saddam having drowned Iraq under debt of Western countries for buying weapons. Assad did not. this is not subjective but a fact.

Saddam attacked its neighbors (Iran and Kuwait). Assad did not. This also is not subjective but a fact hitting you on your head.

Saddam was sectarian He did not trust shias and thus did not allow them in senior positions in army/govt. Most senior members of Assad regime are Sunnis. Also not subjective but a fact.

Syrians in a country with no Oil did/doing economically far better than Iraqis with Oil under Saddam. Also not subjective but a fact.

Saddam being an idiot was my subjective take based on aforementioned facts. Assad otherwise likewise.

The main role of puppets are to funnel the resources of their country to the puppet master's country. Iraqi wealth was thus funnelled to Western countries through armaments companies. This is not the case with Syria and Russia whose partnership resembles that of US and Canada. Do you think Canada is a US puppet?

you have to look up the meaning of 'ally' in dictionary and then hit wikipedia.

Sorry for the late reply:

Assad did invade Lebanon. His troops occupied Lebanese territories and the Lebanese were under Assadist law. Go ask any lebanese to confirm.

Saddam was educated, he studied in Egypt like Hafez al Assad I believe.

As for your other reasons, thanks for pointing that out. But in the long run, I believe these criminal regimes are brothers; and the real reason why people are supporting one or another is sectarian, plain and simple.

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personally i think it is very naive to be drawing comparisions between two people who both have non islamic goals, but rather share a vested interest in arab nationalism, just one was more successful in establishing this than the other. Saddam spent this dream by wasting iraqi money, resources and lives while the assad reign, has been filled with a slow continuous progression of economic, political and strategic advances.

Neither had islamic aims although both claimed it. Remember it was Assad who was sleeping in Buckingham palace a few years back, and Saddam shaking hands with George Galloway.

Remember politics is a game, and the target is both these cases was unfortunately not Islam.

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Now let’s look at history:

Abbassid dynasty: Shias were never oppressed

Ottomans: Again Shias were not oppressed

Ghaznavids: Shias were not oppressed. in fact Sultan Mhamud Ghaznavi's son-in-law was an ismaili shia

Mughal: Shias were not oppressed.

In all those period shias were oppressed, go and read history my friend.

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Most Iraqi's hated Saddam.

Most Syrians love Bashar.

Just because there are a couple of you that don't like him (I'm guessing it's because you can't stand the thought of a non-Wahhabi in power) doesn't mean the majority of Syrians think the same way.

hahaha you are very funny... you should be a comedian!

We, the Syrians had hope that he would be different from his father. But no, he is worse. So no, no one in Syria likes him, except for his Shabiha thugs who love to mutilate children. Even the minorities are scared of him.

So according to you, we don't like him because he's a non wahabbi? Thanks for the info, I thought that the 85%+ of Syrians who oppose him did so because he's a bloodthirsty murderer. Oh, and I didn't know that the majority of Syrians were wahabbi... that's a new one I didn't hear before....

To sum it up: seek help, because your lies are sickening. I just hope you don't believe them yourself.

Nothing is different. Aside from them both bring tyrants and oppressive leaders, they are both Yazidi Kuffar. May Alah(swt) destroy them in the dunya wal akhira.


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Stating that most Syrians love Bashar is absurd, it would be like saying most Iraqies loved Saddam.

Didn't Saddam also win elections? Didn't people praised him in every iraqi new paper? People must of loved him...except those traitors who are supported by the West...etc? Sounds stupid? This is what people sound like when they talk about Bashar being loved, and about him being a hero.

Bashar and Saddam are dictators, one fell, the other will soon fall.

Syrians are not Wahabis, they are the friendliest Sunni country to Shias, yet Iran and Hizbollah are supporting this murderer.

Syrians loved hizbollah and Iran prior to this revolution, I doubt they will commit that same mistake after Bashar is gone.

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