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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Sheikh Talks About Shia

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I watched it with an open mind, but one thing that the sheikh did not consider is the role that intermarriage frequently played in peace-keeping between people at odds with one another. The prophet (saws) used marriage to solidify relationships where there had been conflict, such as his marriage to Juwariyya bint al-Harith from the Banu Mustaliq and his marriage to Safiyya as a gesture of goodwill to the Banu Nadir after the battle of Khaybar.

One of the best ways to solidify peace between people who suspect each other of harboring aggression is to intermarry. I disagree with the sheikh. The level of intermarriage does not show how friendly the Ahla al Bayt were with the houses of Abu Bakr and Umar, it showed how suspicious they were of them.

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I wonder how many times we will have to rehash this issue. There were many good reasons for Ahl Al Bayt intermarrying with those who didn't accept their Imamate.

Just to go over this again

1) To decrease factionalism and tribalism and increase Wahidat (unity) amoung muslims

2) To practically demonstrate hukum sharia (Islamic legal codes). Most muslims (Sunni as well as Shia) accept that marriage between two muslims is halal and legal, Islamically, even if they are Sunni /Shia. If Ahl Al Bayt would never have intermarried there would have been a question mark above this hukm.

3) To show that muslim women and men have a choice as to who they are going to marry. If a muslim man and muslim women choose each other and want to get married, it is not allowed for parents or family to stand in the way of this marriage, except if one or the other is fasiq (openly violates the clear ordiances of Islam).

If you think that they did this because they accepted the Sunni Khalifs or their governance or accepted the Sunni Sharia (where it diverged from Jaafari) there is no evidence for this. A simple reading of ahadith attributed to the Imams of Ahl Al Bayt(a.s) would clearly demonstrate this. I can post many, many ahadith to this effect if anyone has a doubt about this.

If Imam Ali(a.s) accepted the Khalifat of Muawiya, why did he fight him at Siffin ?

If Imam Hassan(a.s) accepted the Khalifat of Muawiaya, why did he also fight him (at first then finally made the peace treaty because of treachery and deception amoung his own soldiers)

If Imam Hussain(a.s) accepted the Khalifat of Yazid (la) then why did he go to Karbala and fight him ?

Do you really think marriage of some daughters and cousins is evidence that would outweigh the above ? Are u serious or just trolling >

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