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In the Name of God بسم الله

The Evils Armies Crawling Towards Karbala

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Dear reader..this article may contain some mistakes, please help me to change them before its being published.. many thanks

The evils armies crawling towards Karbala


When Alhur made barred the path of the caravan of Imam Hussain AS, and forced them to stay in a place, where there was no water or a town, he sent to Ibn Zeiad informing him about the arrival of Imam Hussain AS to Karbala.

Ibn Ziyad sent a letter to Imam Hussain AS"O Hussain, I have heard that you have settled in Karbala'. The leader of the faithful Yazid has written and ordered me not to sleep or be full with drink until I send you to your Lord or you accept my rule and the rule of Yazid."Â

The Imam read the letter and let it fall to the ground. After he dropped it he said, "People who want to please anyone but God will not be successful."

Ibn Ziyad's messenger asked for a reply and the Imam said, "He has no reply from me because the punishment of God is certain for him."

When the messenger came back to Ibn Ziyad and told him what happened, he became very angry. He stood up and ordered 'Omar Ibn Sa'd to march towards Karbala' with an army of 4,000 troops. He even wrote a promise for 'Omar Ibn Sa'd to appoint him as governor of Raiy in Persia if he goes to Karbala' and kills Imam Hussain. Omar Ibn Sa’d thanked him, but Ibn Ziyad concluded,” Yes, but under the condition of doing the promise!” when he said that Omar Ibn Sa’d said, ”Give me a day to think”.

He stayed his night thinking about it. During the night someone heard him reciting,

“Should I leave the thought of governing Raiy, or shall I commit the crime of killing Hussain.

While his killer will be doomed to hell and nothing can save him, and the state of Raiy is the comfort of my eyes.

They declares that Allah created heaven, hell, and torturing

If they were right then I will repent to the merciful in two years

If they were lying then I won great life, and endless properties, which will be lasting forever.”

The next day, he went to Ibn Ziyad and told him,” Send a man from the heads of Kufa, whose better than me in wars to Hussain AS” and he mentioned names.

Ibn Ziyad may Allah curse him, replied "I am not asking you to tell me whom to send to fight. If you do not want to go, you will not be the governor of Raiy.”

He said,” Then I will go”

In the third of Muharam, ‘Omar b. Sa’d went to Karbala, leading four thousands soldier, and the Alhur joined him with his army too.

Qurra went back to 'Omar and 'Omar wrote to Ibn Ziyad telling him what Imam Hussain said. Ibn Ziyad wrote a reply saying, "Tell Hussain and his followers to pay allegiance to Yazid. If he does so, we will think about what to do with him."Then katheer b. Abdullah Alsho’bi raised up who was fearless and savage, and said,” I will do it, and if you want me to kill him then I will do it”. Ibn sa’d (la) said to him,” No!, Just ask him what brought him to here?”

Later, Katheer arrived to Karbala. Abu Thomama Alsaedi who was one of the companions of Imam Hussain AS recognized him then stopped on his way and said,” Put down your sword then enter to Hussain AS!” Katheer refused then returned back. Therefore, Omar called after Qurrah bin Qais Alhanthali to ask Imam Hussain AS.

Then after he brought the letter to Imam Hussain AS, Imam Hussain AS replied "The people of this land wrote to me and their messengers came to me asking me to come and I have done so. However if (now) they have some to dislike me and (the position) now appears different to them from what their messengers brought to me, I will go away from them."

When he finished reading the letter to Ibn Ziyad he recited (poem):

“Now when our claws cling to him, he hopes for escape

but he will be prevented (now) from (getting) any refuge.”

Ibn Ziyad wrote a reply to Omar bin Sa’d stating, “Tell Hussain and his followers to pay allegiance to Yazid. If he does so, we will think about what to do with him.”

Then, Ibn Ziyad announced a public meeting in the main Masjid of Kufah and made a speech. He said, “O people! You know the clan of Abi Sufyan and you know how they have served you, and you know this leader of the faithful Yazid. You know how helpful he is to his people. He serves them and gives them what they need; all of the roads are safe under his leadership as they were during his father’s rule. His son, Yazid, honors people. He makes them rich! He has increased your salaries by a hundred times, and he has ordered me to increase them even more if you go to fight his enemy Hussain. Listen to him and obey him.”

He immediately distributed money among the soldiers and then went to Nukhaylah. He camped there, and ordered Ibn Namr al-Tamimi and Hajjaj Ibn Abjar and Shimr Ibn Dhil-Jawshan and Shibth Ibn Rab’i to go and join ‘Omar Ibn Sa’d. Shibth (one of those who wrote letters inviting the Imam) announced that he was sick.

Ibn Ziyad called him and told him, “You want to play a double trick. If we succeed, you will tell us you were sick and could not help us. To Hussain’s people you will say you helped them. Come here so I can see for myself. My people tell me you are not sick.”

When Ibn Ziyad saw him, he did not see any sign of sickness and ordered him to go immediately. After that, He ordered five hundred troops under the leadership of Zijr Ibn Qays at the gate of Kufah to prevent other people from leaving and helping the Imam.

Ibn Ziyad sent a brief letter to Omar ibn Sa'd that commanded, "Prevent Hussain and his followers from accessing water and do not allow them to drink a drop of water.”

Ibn Sa'ad followed the orders, and 500 horsemen led by Amro bin Alhajaj blockaded the Euphrates .

Imam Hussain AS sent Borair b. Khodhaier, one of his companions who was martyred with him in the day of Altaf (10th Muharam), to Omar b sa’d. when he met him he said,” O Omar bin Sa’d! How could you leave the Householders of prophecy dying of thirst? Also, you blocked the way between them and Euphrates to prevent them from drinking, while in the other hand you assumed that you know Allah and His Messenger!”

On hearing this, Omar bin Sa’d felt in shame, he looked down for while then he raised his head and said,” By Allah, O Borair, I know very well that everyone fight them and violate their rights will be in hell necessarily. But, Woe to you Borair! Are you telling me to leave governing of the Raiy to someone else? I cannot think about it!”

After, Borair returned back to Imam Hussain AS and said,” O son of the daughter of Messenger of Allah! Omar bin Sa’d accepted to kill to be the governor of the Raiy”

By this time, Shimr left for Karbala’ with 4,000 troops, Yazid Ibn Rikab with 2,000, Hosayn Ibn Numayr with 4,000, Shibth Ibn Rab’i with 1,000, Kalb Ibn Talha with 3,000, Hajjaj Ibn Abjar with 1,000, Madhair Ibn Rahinah with 3,000, and Nasr Ibn Harshah with 2,000 fighters. By the 5th day of the month of Muharram, there were 20,000 troops under the leadership of ‘Omar Ibn Sa’d, and Ibn Ziyad kept sending more troops until the total was 30,000 soldiers.

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