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In the Name of God بسم الله

Maarifah About Karbala From A Dead Ulema

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He should have more respect for people's azadari. Thankfully azadars will continue doing matam, zanjeer zani, qama zani, tatbir until the day of Judgement, no matter what molvi's like him say.

And you should have more respect for the Ahlul Bait rather then belittling it with these practices. Why should he respect you when you dont respect the Ahlul Bait but claim to love them !!

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Sheikh al Waeli don't reject tatbir, this comment clears it up:


"He didn't denounce the act of tatbir, he simply said it shouldn't be exaggerated, and neither should anything else. He was attacking the idea of fantasies, I didn't see him attack the concept of tatbir at all"


And as Sheikh al Waeli said: They want to turn Al-Hussain into a mockery a farce.


And please delete, or lock this fitnah thread.

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