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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Iraq Ziyaraat During Pregnancy

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Salam alaykom sisters,

Really need some input here. I am thinking of going ziyarat to Iraq in a few months. This would be my first time there, and I am not entirely sure it is a good idea for a few reasons:

- I will obviously have to book the tickets in advance around about now, but even though I am having a relatively easygoing first trimester (alhamdulillah), and the second trimester is meant to be easier, there is no knowing that I will not be well enough at the time to go. Some ladies get the symptoms later on, I can't really judge how I will be in my 5th month (when the trip will be planned)

- I have heard a few horror stories about Iraqi doctors, so do not feel particularly secure regarding the facilities/care in the country in case I do need medical attention.

- some ashura days I do not feel well, I know my reaction will be 10x this feeling when I am near the shrines but I do not want this to adversely affect the baby..If it makes any sense, I want to be able to let myself completely 'go' when I am there rather than restrain myself from any emotions that may overcome me..

- will it be hard to care for my diet there? Clueless.

On the other hand, I know it will be an amazing experience. I could go Iran alternatively (feel more secure re:facilities but have been before which is why Iraq at top of list). People have told me I should be fine. Am I worrying too much and over thinking? As I am a paranoid first time mother (inshallah) and my first time going Iraq, I dont really know what to expect and if the above are valid reasons. Would really appreciate hearing from those with relevant experiences.

Iltimas e dua

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Salaam sister,

You are the best judge in this case. But you have to know, the Holy shrines can get very crowded. It's quite difficult to walk between all the women, lots of pushing going on. I had to hold my aunts hand to not get lost between all the women, also watch out when you're wearing an abaya. It's very easy to trip over it in such a crowded place. Maybe you can try to visit on the quiet days, I don't think you'll face any problems then.

You'll get emotional when you visit the shrines, but it's the best feeling ever. You'll feel happy, sad, humble, all kinds of things at the same time. Just take some deep breaths and let it all come over you. You will never forget these moments. Search a quiet place to sit down and read the dua's and ziyaraat, have some rest and enjoy your visit.

As for your diet, avoid tap water. This can make you pretty sick, drink good quality bottled water. Sometimes the food you eat outside can make you sick as well. But the variety of food is ok, you can always go to the grocery store and buy food to cook it yourself ofcourse.

My aunt traveled to Iraq whilst pregnant, alhamdulillah she didn't face any trouble. But this depends on the individual.

Insha'Allah other sisters will share more advice. Insha'Allah you'll be fine if you go, have trust in Allah swt and take good care of yourself. And oh yeah, mabrook on your pregnancy, may you be blessed with a healthy son/daughter!


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As every thing is in control of god I can not suggest u not to go there because of insecurity! but u should consider that it cant be an easy travel. condition of roads, the crowd specially in muharam and safar, communicable diseases can be mentioned as the most important problems.

The feeling u will have there for sure will be one of the best.

I wish u making the best decision.

If u go there plz do not forget to dua for Imam zaman.

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Saalam Alaikom sister.

As everybody said, you can go to Karbala during ziyara but you may not find it easy ,as the health services are very bad.

There are 15 million people there ; much more than Mecca..it will be very crowded .

When i went, I was 12 ..and some big fat ladies were pushing me.. I felt squeezed as if I were in between the twin towers .. so imagine a pregnant lady ..

if you wish, you can go next year ..you & your baby together. Your baby will have the chance to visit the Imam :)

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My sister in-law who was pregnant with twins (all of my husbands family is in Iraq) just passed away 1 month ago from a mistake the doctor made.

Wow. Sorry to hear that. Al-Fatiha.

Grateful for the kind words of advice so far, I was thinking of going after arbaeen but I think it may still be quite busy? I think I'd be more confident if this wasn't my first pregnancy. Inshallah khair.

mabrook on your pregnancy, may you be blessed with a healthy son/daughter!

Thank you and ameen! :)

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