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Snakes In A Dream

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Hello, I'm new here, and I am desperate to know if anybody here knows anything about snakes in a dream. For the past two days I have dreamt of snakes, the first dream included a rattle snake giving me a bite and i assume it was poisonous too, i was saving some children trapped in a very low grounded cave and there were three snakes, the children passed without having the snakes disturbed but when it was my turn to escape a rattle snake bit my hand. The other dream was very odd, i was supposedly in 'hell', the odd thing it included a vastly huge checkered floor and enormously huge snakes one was a female grey with black stripes (which didnt bother me so much) but the other was a red male with black stripes that transformed later into this man who wanted to take me away... i am very concerned because i have had multple one after another dreams of snakes last year in ramadan, also one of which a snake had bitten me in the same place as this dream, but the dreams stopped suddenly. i have asked about this with my close relatives and they said that it might be some people talking bad about me or jealousy or whatever, i guess they are all theories... however, i am not concerned of those dreams anymore since they have stopped but i would very much like it if anyone here has any clue of what they might mean... Please help i think this might be serious :/

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I know some people interpret snake as symbolising transformation. Personally i dont believe in a universal code for dreams, because, for instance, we can have very different cultural/experiencial perceptions about certain animals. So what do snakes mean to you? try writing anything you can think of related to snakes on peice of paper and see if you get any themes :)

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Snakes in dream symbolize an enemy or something bad/dangerous, and this is the universal meaning of snakes in dream, regardless of what it means to you or cultural constructions.

One shouldn't disclose dreams to people they don't know but consult someone spiritually knowledgeable or trustworthy.

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I think I already posted the interpretation for 'snakes' in another thread, but anyways:

First of all, there are different kinds of dreams such as:

- muddled dreams, which have no meaning

- dreams based on subconscious thoughts, which have no meaning

- dreams which are caused by certain foods/drinks/medicines, which have no meaning

- premonitions in the form of dreams, which are interpreted literally (if forgotten, these become déjà vu)

- dreams involving deceased people or saints, which are interpreted literally

- dreams which display symbols/symbolic items which can be defined by a dream dictionary [like this]

- dreams which display lessons/morals/ideas and are not simply defined by the symbolic items

- dreams which are interpreted opposite to what was dreamt


A snake is primarily interpreted as someone who is on the surface friendly, yet is a hidden enemy.

Dreaming of a snake at home means one of the family members will do something annoying/mischievous.

Dreaming of a snake in a desert means the enemy is a stranger.

Dreaming of fighting with a snake means that one will quarrel with a rival or an enemy.

Dreaming of being bitten by a snake means that the person will overcome him.

Dreaming of killing the snake means that one will overcome the enemy.

Dreaming of eating snake flesh means that one will receive some dignity and rank, or if possible perhaps a lordship.

Dreaming of cutting a snake into two, means one will have the enemy's money.

Dreaming of a dead snake, means one will be safe from a calamity.

Dreaming of taking a white or grey snake in hand, means one will receive some greatness.

Dreaming of a snake slithering away from one, means the enemy is weak.

Dreaming about many black snakes, means one has many rivals or enemies.

Dreaming of a green snake, means ones enemy is in fact honest and a good person.

Dreaming of a yellow snake, means ones enemy is an ill person or a doctor.

Dreaming of a red snake, means ones enemy is a sociable person.

Dreaming of snakes surrounding one, means his family and relatives are his enemies.

Dreaming of a snake emerging from ones mouth, or nose, or ear, or private parts, means ones child is his enemy.

Dreaming of taking a snake but remaining unharmed (not bitten), means one will have some dignity, will overcome the enemy, and will achieve his wish.

Snake may mean: 1- hidden enemy 2-life 3-health 4-kingdom 5-lordship 6-a woman 7-a wish 8-a son 9-a flood.

Approximate interpretation time table:

- Dreams that happened at exactly noon or midnight (in the summer time 1pm or 1am), will actualise on the same day; if a few minutes past those times, then a few days later.

- Dreams at 10-11 in the morning = 15-30 days later.

- Dreams at 3-4 in the evening = 1-2 months later.

- Dreams at 4-5 in the morning = a few days to 2 months later.

- Dreams at sunset are mostly not truthful, and are muddled dreams with no real interpretation.

- Some dreams in the Qur’an (Prophet Yusuf (as)’s dream about the sun, moon, and 11 planets bowing to him, (12:4)) was interpreted after 20 years, and other dreams of the Pharaoh's prisoners were interpreted on the same day, and past 7 years (12:36). The dream of Pharaoh about 7 thin cows and 7 fat cows interpreted from the next year to 14 years after (12:46).


- dreams on the 6th of the month will interpret after 1-2 days

- On the 9th, in the same day

- On the 10th, after 20 days

- On the 13th, after 9 days

- On the 14th, after 26 days

- On the 15th, after 3 days

- On the 16th, after 2 days

- On the 28th/29th/30th in the same day, but these are solar Persian days and you should convert them.


1 - Principles of the dreams, by Daniel the prophet (as) (562-604 BC)

2 - Divisions of the dreams, by Imam al-Sadiq (as) (663-798 A.C)

3 - Generals of the dreams, by Muhammad ibn Sirin (690 A.C).

4 - Guides in the dreams, by Jabir ibn Hayyan (Father of the new chemistry)

5 - Interpretations, by Ibn Ash'as (840 A.C).

6 - Complete interpretations, by Habish Teflisi (1180 A.C).

7 - Treasures of the dreams (Al-Ma'mooni), by Abd al-Salam (963 A.C).

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AOA, I am a 20 years old male. I had a dream last night in which i saw a black snake inside my room, which I was trying to chase. It was running everywhere around the room I saved my brother from being bit and also my sister. After a while from what I can remember is when i was sleeping the snake came and bit me on my back a couple of times then I held it from its head and ripped its teeth and it eyes out. What could this mean? I have done research before writing this. I am a uni student and I have got exams coming up could this mean that this is only exam fear? or have I got enemies which I don't know about. I have fallen out with a couple of friends recently does it mean its something to do with them?

Thank You for reading

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