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In the Name of God بسم الله

The Midnight Joy

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Ishraq Abidi

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Salamun A'laykum

Here is my attempt at poetry. This is probably my second time writing a poem, so please don't judge me :donno:

Midnight comes along and wakes up the sleeping soul

Who was dreaming of his beloved without any control

Without any tiredness he wakes up with incitement

While his feelings show signs of utter excitement

He rushes toward the sink to make ablution

So he can purify his body before the ascension

He sets up his prayer rug and begins to utter words

As his body breaks into pieces and his flesh turns into birds

He begins to fly toward the sky high above

To meet his beloved and to confess his love

As he reaches the highest level of heaven

He begins to feel his sins being forgiven

After an hour of meeting the most High

He ascends down to earth with a wish to die

The lover then supplicates to his love with a yearn

To protect Al-Mahdi and hasten his return

He then remembers Imam Hussain

And beats his chest with sorrow and pain

After hours of Munajat and supplications

To get rid of his desires and all of his addictions

He gets up to solute the prophet and his family

And continues the day with faith and certainty

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