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In the Name of God بسم الله

Fatiha For Sayed Muhamad Al-husani Al-shirazi

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May All our Fatiha, all our recitations be accepted, may it Reach his Soul...King of Writers

Ya Allah

Thank you all that recited Fatiha, Your Reward is With Allah.

For anyone that is in Ottawa, we are having a fatiha for his Blessed Soul, as well as remembrance of the Destructions of the Shrines of Al-Askarian in Hussani'at al-Batool Fatima, if one cannot be amongst us, than IsA our recitation will be accepted.

Salam Alakom

may Allah swt bless his soul,lets all send a loud beautiful salawat......................... :yaali:

3 Loud Salawat Haidareeya!

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