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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله
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Sunnis Trying To Protect The Shias

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Salam, I am so glad to see that some sunnis have a heart and that they have shown some compassion to the shia in Pakistan who are constantly being attacked. As for the arguments about some Pakistani and Indian alims, the lanat thing is true. It is not quantity but quality of the lanat, as with anything in Islam. The lectures at Muharram more then any other time, need to talk more about the lives and teachings of the ahlul bayt(as) and the the Qur'an and not just constantly say lanat, this then would defeat the object if you only mainly keep sending lanat at the expense of the message of the ones who's enemies that you are cursing. The enemy will have won if we ignore the truth of Islam in favour of constantly making statments of hatred against the enemies of ahlul bayt(as) Indeed, how did Imam Hussain(as) deal with his enemies and oppressors? how did Imam Ali(as) deal with his enemies and oppressors? Many people who attend majalis in Muharram do not attend the rest of the year, and so it is prime time for dawah and tabligh, and although lanat and explaining who the oppressors of the ahlul bayt(as) are and how they were defeated, is important, there is a whole lot more that can be learned as well. I have seen some people attend muharram majlis who don't even know how to pray salah properly(whilst praising Imam Hussain-as for praying salah so perfectly even during such a horrific battle), and some women who wore 3/4 sleeves in salah with a scarf half hanging off their head and not covering their hair properly(who will then curse the ones who compromised the hijab of sayeda zaynab(as) and the other ladies of karbala(as). I have seen some who attend the majlis on ashura, and then take the niyaz of Imam Hussain(as), and not only don't eat it or refuse to take it, they throw it in the bin because either they are sunni or married to a sunni or have sunni family or are influenced by sunni alims(especially the ones on Pakistani tv) and believe that this food is haram because it has shirk in it, or that shias spit or urinate in it, astaghfirallah! How is lanat throughout a majlis, with no proper explanation or discussion or teaching about the essence of the message of the ahlul bayt(as) etc and how to put this into our lives in a practical and spiritual. Don't get me wrong I love remembering the sacrfices that the A'imma(as) and ahlul bayt(as) and their trusted companions(as) made for me, I love to cry for them and realise how wretched and unworthy I am to love them. I love to curse and do tabarra of the oppressors and the enemies of the ahlul bayt(as) from both the past and the present. But I also love to know the teachings of the ahlul bayt(as) regarding many things, and the reasons why they faught the oppressors(la) and how I can implement this is my life. Lanat is about self improvement in many ways, you are cursing those elements of your character and actions that you see exemplified in the lives of the mal'oon(la) and seeking tabarra or to move away from those characteristics and physically away from those shayateen, and to seek nearness to the ahlul bayt(as) and their characteristics and to physically seek qurbah of AllahÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì. Some Indo Pak alims seem to be doing lanah for lanah's sake, without also talking about the message and teachings of the ahlul bayt(as). Like I said, there are many people from many madhab backgrounds who only attend during Muharram or ashura, and do not know even the basics, so this is the perfect time to teach and reapeat the teachings of these basics. Some of these Indo-Pak alims don't take this into account, if it is through genuine emotion and love for the ahlul bayt(as), then I understand because I myself can have this emotion and just not care about anything or anyone else. The alim has to be more educated and responsible though and exercise a degree of restraint and maturity, they can do the lanat and then also do the salawat of the ahlul bayt(as) but surely they should include teaching about things like the importance of salah, or political activism, or charity, or forgiveness etc in relation to the ahlul bayt(as) for the majority of the lecture. Salams and duas to all

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