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A Companion Turns To Christianity To Drink

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The muslims do not have a unique opinion towards all the companions of the Prophet (saw). The muslims divide the companions into three groups. First those who obeyed Allah (ÓÈÍÇäå æ ÊÚÇáì) and the Prophet. The second group of companions are those who are less faith in their actions however remained as muslims. And finally the last group of companions are those who became apostate after the death of Prophet (saw) such as the example of Aboo Bakar, Umar, Uthmaan, Aisha, Hafsah, Talha, Muawiyah and so on.

The Nasbieees on the other hand claim all 114.000 or in some cases 124.000 companions of the Prophet (saw) are all guaranteed paradise. Despite the fact these very individuals carried out heinous crimes. This concept can not be proven neither from the Qur'aan or Hadeeth as we shall investigate in this article and future ones that they are many discrepancies with this ideology.


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