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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Between She And Father

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Between SHE and FATHER

My story ended as they were leaving

FATHER held up his hand waving

It is only myself in the convoy I can’t see

I screamed , FATHER, why not me?

HE closely came and said you're sick

Later I will send someone for you to pick

I felt deep, that we will not soon meet

A wound will start and none can treat

FATHER allow my small brother to stay?

HE will be in my eyes night and day

Your brother can’t stay , HE has to go

His mother is waiting and my MOTHER so

Then i had to wave and say goodbye

As they were moving and I slowly die

I was staring as they vanished fast

Heart was bleeding and the gap is vast

I went back alone to my empty home

Touching the walls and room by room

Here was Sakina, my head on her shoulder

She said: my small one, you are getting older

Here is the cradle, empty but I shake

May be I hear your voice thus I slake

Here FATHER hugged me; here he said

I love you, I caught you; so I ran and fled

Here FATHER prayed I can hear his sound

I still see his head for long on the ground

The house that I had in every corner a mark

Is so gloomy so drear so empty and so dark

I waited and waited till waiting was bored

And time was cutting me by his sword

Asking everyone coming from the east

My FATHER is there is HE ok at least?

I wrote a letter with the ink on my tears

Asking about Sisters, Brothers and all dears’

The letter reached at noon on the 10th

I started asking about each one health

FATHER was reading and tears on cheek

and each of my sisters has her own shriek

SHE is asking for ABBAS what to tell? he’s far

SHE want to hug him and also ALI AL AKBAR

SHE misses ABDULLAH, wants to hug too

What shall I tell HER, HIS blood has flew

I shall tell her to hug him slowly; but deep

As he will never wake up from this sleep

SHE asked for SAKINA, for RUQAYYA , for RABAB

But shall I tell her that they will get nab

Or that RUQAYYA will not continue the trip

As SHE will be with ME lip on a lip

SHE marked all the letter with tears

And I will stamp it by blood all the years

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