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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله
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Imam Ali (as) - Short Eulogy For Our Master

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Salam Alakom,

Wrote this short eulogy on Imam Ali (as) in remembrance of his Martyrdom:

a Aba’l Hassan, our first Imam…Ya Haider

The hit you with, a poisoned sword…Ya Haider

I’m so prepared, to beat my chest…Ya Haider


Before I left my mother’s womb, your name was instilled in my Veins

My love for you grows daily, your name resides in my dreams

My mother called Ya Ali, this son of Mine is your Servant

Your love is like the shining sun, in your love were observant

Your Shia call, your name Daily...We Love You

Your death has carved, a deep-end scar...We Love You

How long we mourn, is not enough... We Love You


Ya Haider, you are our Father, and with your love we were raised

To love you is to Love Allah, and in your love we are amazed

You were the Father of Orphans, you used to feed them at the night

With this loss the Orphans cry, because they have missed your light

And we have lost, a great father....Ya Ali

Who will feed us, and bring us food...Ya Ali

May Allah Curse, your enemies...Ya Ali


O you that visits my Imam, make sure you send him my Salam

Take me to Najaf, to Ali, for only there is my heart calm

Tonight we lose our shining sun, tonight the moon is bleeding

All the angels and the heavens, for Mawla Ali they’re weeping

Our hearts cry out, to Fatima...O’ Mawla

She witnesses, as you get struck...O’ Mawla

She cries for you, on this grand day...O’ Mawla


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