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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله
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Cheating On Your Taxes..

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if its a sin to lie then its not less than shirk to let gutter holes footlickin sons of [Edited Out]s use OUR TAX MONEY TO SUPPORT ISRAEL KILLING PALESTINEI PPL. u freakin nutshell , all sharia rlues r with justice ---no justice so no Sharia!

do us all a dam favor, use ur tax papers for cleaning ur toilet.

IF we dont cry tears of blood today , who the hell will mourn tomo?

A revolution starts just by a spark, we the ppl of today hve to start this NOW.

hmmm, Well That's very offensive way of expressing your emotions towards someone u don't even know, -_- . I don't know whether it's a shirk or not but i do know abusing and insulting people is one of the sins u should be afraid of.

As for as I know according to principles of morality two wrongs do not make anything right, unless u blend it with algebra where two negatives makes a positive (-) * (-)= +"....................... ^_^

And best of Luck with ur revolution, May u be martyred at very first step, ;) God bless u.......................


Oh God,That was my hundredth post, i never thought i would post that long and def. not in response to post like this :squeez:

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I know a lot of people that cheat on there taxes. Even the people I look up to for advice, like the imam and sheik. Many people justify it as being ok because everyone else does it and its not fair for they save money and the people that are honest get screwed. Could this situation be justified as being ok or what?


Basicly, we have to think about two cases here:

(these theories r based on where i live, which i dont want to mention but i will explain how it is here)

1. In our muslim community, there r ppl who came here with their family for 5-10 years ago from their homecountries (im specially saying 5-10 years ago, because these newly immigrated ppl r the worst in this case). That may be because of war etc. Then the government gives them a so called "social support" in form of money. Many of these ppl decide to NOT work or do anything good for the society, because they r getting money from the government. Easy money, and they dont need to pay any taxes! And u guys may think that these ppl may not be able to work because of some physical problems, but trust me, they r hanging out in the mall 24/7 when they r lying to the government about why they dont work.

2. Here where i live, the taxes r too high. I know that really well because im working some days when i dont have schooldays going on, and i nearly pay half of my salary (37-45%). I also have dad that have to pay nearly $15000 each year. Here we call the government for "thiefs", because they r taking so much and not doing much good for it. Even my homecountry (Turkey) have better roads than the country im living in now! It is even worse when i live in one of the most expencive country in Europe, but maybe the world to. So one of the solutions r to work in a way that u dont pay taxes for a certain period, like many here does just to save a bit money and take good care of their family.

Of course we have to think in an Islamic way, but i also do think about the differences in each case.

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You know what I find hilarious.

People asking questions in here as if the members are Maraje'. I feel that some people ask these questions to try and find excuses.

Why dont you send an Estifta to your Marja' and wait for his answer.

When you die, and Allah asks you why you did something, what will you say? I asked the opinions of members on ShiaChat?

Our family cheats on their taxes... And my family is like so religious... If you think about it, where are the taxes going to?

I dont know with all my respect who your family members are, but I believe according to Islam we look at our Prophets, Imams, and Muslim leaders and try to be like them, because those are the true Idols of Islam.

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In many countries a lot of the tax money goes to building/repairing infrastructure, for schools and in the UK also the NHS. I understand that some people don't want their money being used for war or other things, but much of it is meant to be used for improving the standard of living for the citizens of the country.. :donno:

In answer to the OP, I think some people have already mentioned this but cheating on your taxes and avoiding paying tax through certain legal loop holes, are two different things, the former is illegal but the latter is not.

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We met Ayatollah Sistani in 2010 and this question was posed to him. He categorically said you must pay your taxes properly and it is not allowed to evade or cheat on them. He said you must obey the laws of the land in a non-Muslim country and represent Shia Islam in a good light. If you are evading tax, you are making Muslims look very bad and even worse, you are going to make people think that Shia Muslims are dishonest. The responsibilty of being a Shia in a non-Muslim country is very big so you must be a good representative of your faith.

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I have a question,

What if you

a)are not a citizen, & dont receive special facilities provided for citizens -but you just do business there - so no citizen facilities for you, but have to pay tax, for e.g. importation custom duty tax.

b)you feel the country is not fair - trying to earn every way possible via unreasonable high fines for every mistake they can find,etc. So add their taxes to it as well, although you are not a citizen. So facilities are for citizens -like free school, medical,etc, but you gotta pay their tax

c)Zakat & Khums are the only wajib taxes in Islam that we acknowledge. SO who cares about some man made taxes that may be created to get revenue from your hard earned cash for governments not established by Imam MahdiÚáíå ÇáÓáÇã?

d)So you feel you are doing yourself good and doing them bad by playing with these un-islamic taxes, that might in the end of the day help the bad people.

As for the people of the West, are the Government really justified to receive taxes ?:


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