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Friday Jummah Namaz

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Hello all,

This is my first time in a Religious Forum so Inshallah i do not offend anyone.

I have always been decent person in terms of morals and actions, and recently I have started to turn my life around and do my Namaz. Its not an accomplishment as I should have done this many years ago.

I have re-structured my working hours and from next week I am hoping to attend Jumma Namaz at my local Shia mosque, although I am quite nervous about it. Only reason being I unfortunately do not know many Shia boys. If i were to go with someone I know it would put me at ease, but going into a Mosque which I am not a regular, by myself I keep worrying everyone will think who am I and why have I not bothered to go before. Just having trouble overcoming my stupid doubts.

Are their any muslim brothers that have turned their life around and had the same worries (even if they are pathetic), and how does one build up courage.

Can anyone give me some good advice on how I can overcome these fears and become closer to the religion.

I might get some comments that accuse me of not being a proper muslim for so many years because I have been lazy etc, but I dont mind the criticism, to be honest I cant forgive myself yet, so would not expect anyone else to show me leniency, so no bad feelings to any people that reply with negative comments to myself.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank You

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I highly doubt people will start attacking you with insults, etc. when you go to the masjid; if anything, if they are a very close knit community, they will approach you and get to know you to include you in their community. If they aren't a huge close-knit masjid, then you will be one of the many faces in salaa, so there is nothing to be shy of. I would recommend you have a casual talk with the 'alim at the masjid; they usually stay around after salaa with a couple of other people and they just talk. May Allaah (swt) strengthen your deen and complete your 'imaan.

Fee 'amaanillaah

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