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In the Name of God بسم الله

I Want To Delete A Topic I Made

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lol do you guys know how to reply to a comment someone made on your wall or whatever its called on here...I can't find the option here

I also don't know how to do it ---

me too will be looking forward to some helpful replies---



To make profile comments, go to your profile page, click on the left side that says Profile Feed. You can type a comment in the box Profile Feed box and then click on the Post button. If you make a mistake, copy your text and then click on the Delete button and paste it again and change it before you click on Post button. If you see someone else has written a comment on your Profile Feed, then you should see underneath the comment the words Add A Comment. Just click on those words and add the comment you want. If you don't see the words Add A Comment, maybe you cannot make comments until you have 50 posts. To make comments on someone else's profile, you do this the same way. So the main thing to remember is to post a new comment, use the Profile Feed box. To answer a comment, click the Add A Comment under another comment.

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I dont recommend this method. I reported some of my own topics because I wanted them to be deleted and then one of the moderators said that he is going to mark my profile!

Yes there was a reason for the response you had. Asking for a topic to be deleted is fine, and usually people have good reasons for asking. But multiple deletions, for no apparent reason is irritating for everyone. People have taken the time and trouble to respond to your threads, you are not the only person using this site.

I deleted the smarties topic and then saw that the others had also been created by you and had also had responses from other people.

I am sorry but this is not on.

Unless there is a very good reason you can't do this. It is extremely anti-social and irritating for people who have taken the time and trouble to post in response to find the thread gone.

I am not going to delete the others and am going to mark your profile to the effect that you engage in such behaviour so that other moderators can see this as well.

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