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In the Name of God بسم الله

Shia Toolkit For Android - Free App (ramadhan)

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Assalamu Alaikum!

As the awaited and blessed month of Ramadhan is approaching, new version of Shia Toolkit isreleased. Several new features are included in this release.

1. Complete Holy Quran with Audio Translation in 14 different languages:

Alhumdollilah, complete Holy Quran is added with many options andfeatures.

1. Nice andclear Arabic script

2. Download as you go option (It will download entire chapter first time you'll click on it, next time it will load from memory)

3. EnglishTranslation

4. EnglishTransliteration

5. Option to Bookmark verse in all chapters

6. Audiorecitation and translation in 14 different languages.

Arabic, English, Urdu, Persian, Hindi, French, Spanish,Portuguese, Gujarati, Bengali, Turkish, German, Chinese, Korean

2. Comprehensive Amaal for the month of Ramadhan:

The amaal section covers more than 100 supplications and amaal for themonth of Ramadhan. Most of the supplications are with Arabic, translation, description,transliteration and audio.

a) New moon sighting duas

B) Duas after everyobligatory salaat

c) Daily Supplicationsfor Day

d) Daily Supplicationsfor Night

e) Sehr and Iftar duas

f) Common Amaal forLayllatul Qadr (19, 21, 23)

g) Specific Amaal for19 & 21 Ramadhan

h) Specific Amaal for23 Ramadhan

i) Common duas forlast 10 days

j) Specific dua foreach of the last 10 days

k) Special salaat for1st to 30th Ramadhan

l) Amaal for nightpreceding eid

m) Ziaraat and other duas


Snapshots of new version attached.

*Please remember me and my family in this holy month specially during LayllatulQadr.





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